Wabbit (also known as Wabbit, a Looney Tunes production) is a spin-off of Looney Tunes that premired on Boomerang on October 5, 2015. New episodes typically air on Saturday mornings and re-runs also air on Cartoon Network. It was removed on October 31, 2016, where it was replaced by The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV Series), but it returned for one day only, on January 1, 2017, for the Looney Tunes New Year's Day Marathon. After a 1-year hiatus, Wabbit returned to Boomerang's line-up in July 2017, but was removed again on August 6, 2017, where it was replaced by OK KO!: Let's Be Heroes!

Wabbit characters

The series brings the Looney Tunes series back to its original slapstick roots after the sitcom-inspired series The Looney Tunes Show had ended its run. Each half-hour episode of Wabbit features 4 shorts, with each one featuring Bugs Bunny as the main character.

Home media Edit

Hare-Raising Tales, a DVD set containing the first season, was released on DVD by Warner Home Video on April 26, 2016. Despite containing the full season, the package lists it as Season 1, Part 1.

Episodes Edit

  1. Buddha Bugs/Now and Zen/Mumkey Business
  2. The Inside Bugs/Sun Valley Freeze/Walking Fish
  3. St. Bugs and the Dragon/Leaf it Alone/Spiderlamb
  4. The Bigfoot In Bed/World Wide Wabbit/Alliagtor Tears
  5. For the Love Of Acorns/The Game is Foot/Muddy Harry
  6. The Grim Rabbit/The Wringer/Garlicked
  7. White House Rabbit/Bugsbarina/Whooo.. It's The Knight Owl
  8. Not Lyin' Lion/Ice Ice Bunny/Squeaked Doom
  9. Wabbit's Wild/All Belts Are Off/Son of Bunnicula
  10. Wabbit's Best Friend/Annoying Ex-Boyfriend/Evil Cat Videos
  11. Bugs vs. Snail/To Catch a Fairy/Chester's Shop of Horrors
  12. Bugs in the Garden/Scarecrow/Curse of the Were-Dude
  13. Painter Paint Hare/The Spy Who Bugged Me/Bride of Bunnicula
  14. Hareplane Mode/Bugs of Steel/Nevermoar
  15. Big Trouble/Manner Maid/Vampire Rabbit Season
  16. Bugsfoot/Grim on Vacation/Hole of the Unworthy
  17. Carrot Before the Horse/Trunk with Power/Adout of Vampire
  18. Snow Rabbit/Aromatherapest/Haunted Dog House
  19. Raising Your Spirits/Dust Bugster/Ghost Chef
  20. Computer Bugs/Oils Well That Ends Well/Catula
  21. Your Bunny or Your Life/Misjudgement Day/Dreamcatcher
  22. Splashwater Bugs/Fwee Wange Wabbit/Ghost Pepper
  23. Beaver Fever/Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel/Dating for Dummies
  24. Pain & Treasure/Office Rocker/Sunday Bunnday
  25. Survivalist of the Fittest/The IMposter/Scaraoke
  26. Bugs Over Par/Fast Fued/Bearshee
  27. Sir Little Chin Griffin Hunted/Bugs in Time/Beware the Apartment 13!
  28. Airpork Security/Home a Clone/Puzzle Madness
  29. Bugs on Ice/Bugs Scouts/Return of the Curse of the Were-Dude
  30. For Whom the Bugs Trolls/To Beach His Own/Coller Me Crazy
  31. Five Star Bugs/Yoga to Be Kidding Me/Calender Boys
  32. Rabbits of the Lost of Ark/Apprropriae Technology/Brussel Boy
  33. Pork in the Road/Squeaks Upon a Star/Vampire Tick
  34. Mile Hi Grub/Pole Position/Chesteroaldcula
  35. Thirst Things First/Bugs of Chance/Never Been Scared
  36. Bugs for Mayor/The Lepra-Con/Family Portrait
  37. Squeak Show/Rodeo Bugs/My Imaginary Friend
  38. Slugsworthy's Mega Mansion/Wile E's Walnuts/The Juicy Problem
  39. Just One of Those Days/Mooch Housin' Syndrome/Uninvited
  40. Sir Littlechan Unicorn Hunted/Erin Go Bugs/TBA
  41. Proud to Be a Coal's Miner's Wabbit/Cabin Fevor/TBA
  42. The Grand Barbari-yon/Giant Rabbit Hunters/TBA
  43. Amusement Pork/Now You See Me, Now You Still See Me/TBA
  44. Tis The Seasoning/Winter Blunderland/TBA
  45. Ear! We! Go!/Hare Band/TBA
  46. Bugs in the Petting Zoo/Hawaiian Ice/TBA
  47. Quiet the Undertaking/Bugs Bunny?/TBA
  48. Wet Feet/There's a Soccer Born Ever Minute/TBA
  49. Pork Lift/Thes in the City/TBA
  50. Elmer's Fuddger/Angelo the Mighty Flea/TBA
  51. Gorky Pork/Hard Hat Hare/TBA
  52. Porky's Duck-livery Service/The Wabbit Who Would Be King/TBA

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