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Wabbit (also known as Wabbit, a Looney Tunes production) is a spin-off of Looney Tunes that premired on Boomerang on October 5, 2015. New episodes typically air on Saturday mornings and re-runs also air on Cartoon Network. It was removed on October 31, 2016, where it was replaced by The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV Series), but it returned for one day only, on January 1, 2017, for the Looney Tunes New Year's Day Marathon.

Wabbit characters

The series brings the Looney Tunes series back to its original slapstick roots after the sitcom-inspired series The Looney Tunes Show had ended its run. Each half-hour episode of Wabbit features 4 shorts, with each one featuring Bugs Bunny as the main character.

Home media Edit

Hare-Raising Tales, a DVD set containing the first season, was released on DVD by Warner Home Video on April 26, 2016. Despite containing the full season, the package lists it as Season 1, Part 1.

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