VTMKZOOM is a Belgian commercial television channel for youth. The broadcasts of the channel began on October 1, 2009. VTMKZOOM mainly focuses on 2- to 12-year olds. The children's channel is owned by Splashinis Worldwide Studios.

The channel is available in analog and digital basic offer of Telenet and in the digital basic offer of Proximus TV and TV Vlaanderen.


Most programs that are broadcast on VTMKZOOM are from the Flemish production companies Studio 100, Seamonster and Sultan Sushi. This list is incomplete.


VTMKZOOM+ is a digital version of VTMKZOOM which broadcasts 24/24. VTMKZOOM+ is accessible via the red button on the remote control of the digital TV.

The pay channel is available since October 1, 2009 via Telenet Digital TV, 24h/24.[1][2] Since September 23, 2013, the channel is no longer included in the new paying packages of Telenet. Only customers who are still subscribed to the old "kids package" can watch it.

The channel closed down on June 1st, 2016.

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