These videos comprise all five episodes of the Wedgies series, Calling Cat-22!"

  • "Hydrant"
    Calling Cat 22! Hydrant02:24

    Calling Cat 22! Hydrant

    22 explores the functions of a strange canine contraption.

  • "Bones"
    Calling Cat 22! - Bones02:22

    Calling Cat 22! - Bones

    22 is digging up dogs' dirtiest secrets.

  • "Flying Discs"
    Calling Cat 22! - Flying Discs02:33

    Calling Cat 22! - Flying Discs

    What spell does this device cast on dogs? 22 investigates.

  • "Stink"
    Calling Cat 22! - Stink02:20

    Calling Cat 22! - Stink

    22 finds out just how fun it is to roll around in filth.

  • "Sniff"
    Calling Cat 22! - Sniff02:21

    Calling Cat 22! - Sniff

    22 learns the "secret handshake" of dogs — and it stinks.

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