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Here is the way to set up your wiki page:

This section is the way to make pages of television shows:

Sample Infobox
File:Boomerang logo.jpg

Genre The genre should go here (Animated or Comedy)
Rating The rating should go here (TV-Y7, TV-PG, TV-G)
Running Time The running time of your television show should go here (ex. 21-24 minutes)
Series Run The period of time that the TV show was still airing new cartoons should go here: (ex. November 25, 1996 - July 16, 2001)
Boomerang Run The period of time that the series aired on Boomerang should go here (ex. 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012-present)
(The introduction to your wiki page should go here)


A brief summary of the series should go here.


The Name of the Character Should Go HereEdit

Main Article: (Page of which the article about this character is), (NOTE: This should always be in italics!)

Voiced by: (Name of Voice Actor), the link to the voice actor should be an external link to the wikipedia or IMDb page of this person. If this particular character has an Unknown Voice Actor or No Voice Actor, specify that the character has an unknown or doesn't have a voice actor, but you don't have to put a link to a page.

The description of the character should go here.


The first channel the show aired on should go here along with the years of which it aired. 

The second channel the show aired on and the years that it aired on the channel.

The third channel (and so on....)

See AlsoEdit

Some pages on this wiki that are about things that are related to this TV show.


A list of your resources should go here. Every resource should have a link to your resource.

The following is how to make a character page:

The full name or the name that they are referred to as.
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by
Character information
Full name
Other names

 (The introduction of your page should go here.)


The way that the character acts should go here.


The clothes that the character wears and what color of skin they have, hair and eye color should go here.


A gallery of the character should go here.

Model SheetsEdit

If you can find any model sheets of the character online, put them in a gallery.

See AlsoEdit

If this character has any other related characters put a link of the character here.


If you had any resources, please list them here with the link to your resource.

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