File:Underdog title card.jpg

Genre Animated, Action
Rating TV-G
Running Time 30 minutes
Series Run October 3, 1964 - 1973
Boomerang Run 2005-2007, TBA March 8, 2014
Underdog is animated series of the superhero dog, Underdog.


Underdog is always trying to save Sweet Polly Purebred from the many villains in the series.



Main Article: Underdog (character)

Voiced by: Wally Cox

Underdog is an anthropomorphic beagle. He was a shoeshine boy but was turned into Underdog when he ducked down in a telephone booth. Underdog has a love interest on Sweet Polly Purebred.

Sweet Polly PurebredEdit

Main Article: Sweet Polly Purebred

Voiced by: Norma MacMillan

Sweet Polly Purebred is an anthropomorphic dog TV News Reporter who is a love interest for Underdog. She is almost always in trouble and villains such as Simon Bar Sinister are always trying to kidnap her.

Simon Bar SinisterEdit

Main Article: Simon Bar Sinister

Voiced by: Allen Swift

Simon Bar Sinister is the main villain in the series. He has green skin and is bald. 

Cad LackeyEdit

Main Article: Cad Lackey

Voiced by: Ben Stone

Cad Lackey is Simon Bar Sinister's henchman. Who is not very smart at all.

Riff RaffEdit

Main Article: Riff Raff

Voiced by: Allen Swift

Riff Raff is an anthropomorphic dog who is another villain in the series. He is the head of an unnamed gang.


Underdog began airing on NBC and CBS.

Underdog then began airing on Boomerang around 2005 and stopped airing in 2009.


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