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Tom and Jerry: The Mansion Cat is an animated seven-minute television short starring Academy Award-winners Tom and Jerry, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with Turner Entertainment and first aired on April 8, 2001 [1] on Boomerang. It is the only Tom and Jerry short made especially for Boomerang (as well as the first time Boomerang aired any premieres of new TV content, predating their first acquired programming Grojband, Numb Chucks, and The Garfield Show by several years).

It later aired on Kids' WB! on May 25, 2002  at 9:30 a.m. followed by the premiere of The Powerpuff Girls. The short is followed by Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring in 2002.

Plot Edit

The short begins with a circle showing Jerry running, but as the circle grows, it is shown that Jerry is going nowhere, Tom has captured his tail. However, when the owner calls his name, he lets Jerry's tail go, freeing him back into his cage. The owner (voiced by Joseph Barbera) of Tom and a large house tells Tom he is going away for a while, the house is in perfect shape, and that he does not want Tom blaming "the mouse" (actually Jerry) for any destruction this time. Of course, this means Tom will spend most of the picture chasing Jerry around the house, causing extensive damage.

First, Tom throws the habit-rail out of the mansion, sits on the sofa, eats lots of food stolen from the refrigerator, while watching television (Note: Muscle Beach Tom was shown on there). Then, traditional chase and damage happen. Among the sequences: Jerry shoves Tom into a VCR, then shelves the resulting cassette-sized cat, Tom traps Jerry in a coffeemaker, Jerry traps Tom in a refrigerator and he comes out again in ice cubes; Jerry sucks Tom and half the living room into a vacuum cleaner, Tom chases Jerry through the yard and into the house on a riding lawn mower. At the end, he crashes the mower into his owner's returning car, who tells Tom he "make(s) a better hood ornament than a house cat".

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