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The New Woody Woodpecker Show Each 22-minute episode consists of three segments, two featuring Woody Woodpecker (or his fellow woodpecker co-stars) and one starring Chilly Willy. Each have their own supporting casts.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (1999-2000)

  1. Wiener Wars/Electric Chilly/Woody and the Termite
  2. Cable Ace/Medical Winnie Pig/Fake Vacation
  3. Temper, Temper/ A Classic Chilly Cartoon/Crash Course
  4. Woody's Ship of Ghouls/Bad Hair Day/Downsized Woody
  5. Ya Gonna Eat That?/Chilly & Hungry/Brother Cockroach
  6. Father's Day/Camp Buzzard/He Wouldn't Woody
  7. Wally's Royal Riot/Mexican Chilly/Sleepwalking Woody
  8. Pinheads/The Chilly Show/Silent Treatment
  9. Over the Top/Chilly & the Fur-Bearing Trout/Painfaker
  10. Tee Time/S & K Files/Goldiggers
  11. Mirage Barrage/Queen of De-Nile/Party Animal
  12. K-9, Woody-O/Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Walrus/Gopher-It
  13. Spy-Guy/Ye Olde Knothead and Splinter/Life in the Pass Lane
  14. Signed, Sealed, Delivered/Out to Launch/Spa-Spa Blacksheep
  15. A Very Woody Christmas/It's a Chilly Christmas After All/Yule Get Yours
  16. The Contender/Snow Way Out/Hospital Hi-Jinx
  17. Dr. Buzzard's Time Chamber/Winnie P.I./Foiled in Oil
  18. Aunt Pecky/Terror Tots/Carney Con
  19. Pecking Order/Chilly on Ice/Just Say Uncle
  20. Meany Side of the Street/Chilly to Go/Ant Rant
  21. Bavariannoying/Kitchen Magician/Cheap Seats Woody
  22. Woody Watcher/Chilly Dog/Beach Nuts
  23. Stuck on You/Freeze Dried Chilly/That Healing Feeling
  24. Baby Buzzard/Bait & Hook/Bad Weather

Season 2 (2000-2001)

  1. Automatic Woody/Zoom-a to Montezooma/Chicken Woody
  2. Bonus Round Woody/Winnie at the Ball/Date with Destiny
  3. Woody's Roommate/Winnie's New Car/Whistle Stop Woody
  4. Lap It Up/Swiss Family Buzzard/Getting Comfortable
  5. Sync or Swim/Armed Chilly/Difficult Delivery
  6. Cabin Fever/Everybody's a Critic/Hide and Seek
  7. The Ice Rage/Endangered Chilly/Attila the Hen
  8. Frankenwoody/The Meany Witch Project/Fright Movie Woody
  9. This Seat's Taken/Cajun Chilly/Out of Line
  10. Inn Trouble/Wishful Thinking/Trail Ride Woody
  11. Super Woody/Skating By/Be a Sport
  12. Like Father, Unlike Son/A Chilly Spy/Country Fair Clam-ity
  13. Eenie, Meany, Out You Go!/Stage Fright/Gone Fishin'
  14. Teacher's Pet/Dirty Derby/Hooray for Holly-Woody
  15. Cyrano de Woodypecker/Chilly Lilly/Meany's Date Bait
  16. The Twelve Lies of Christmas

Season 3 (2002)

  1. Woodsy Woody/Chilly Solar Wars/Cue the Pool Shark
  2. Couples Therapy/Chilly Blue Yonder/Hiccup-Ed
  3. Crouching Meany, Hidden Woodpecker/A Chilly Party Crasher/Junk Funk
  4. Two Woodys, No Waiting/A Chilly Amusement Park/Born to Be Woody
  5. Mechanical Meany/A Chilly Furnace/Homerun Woody
  6. Spring Cleaning/A Chilly B-B-Q/Tire Tyrant
  7. The Fabulous Foodbox by Scamco/A Chilly Hockey Star/Corn Fed Up
  8. Infrequent Flyer/A Chilly Cold & Flu Season/Moto-Double Cross
  9. Wild Woodpecker/A Chilly Fashion Model/Speed Demon Mountain
  10. Niece and Quiet/Chilly Bananas/Surf Crazy
  11. Birdhounded/Run Chilly, Run Deep/Surviving Woody
  12. Firehouse Woody/Hogwash Junior/Thrash for Cash
  13. Miniature Golf Mayhem/A Chilly Cliffhanger/I Know What You Did Last Night 'Series Final'