The Bremen Avenue Experience
BAE Logo
Genre Animation
Format Animation
Created by N/A
Written by Steve Patrick
Creative director(s) Adam Fuchs
Starring N/A
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5 (List of The Bremen Avenue Experience episodes)
Executive producer(s) Evan Adler
Steve Patrick
Running time 2 minutes
Composer(s) N/A
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Original channel Cartoon Network
First shown June 1, 2008
Original run June 1, 2008 – June 1, 2008
Status Ended
The Bremen Avenue Experience, officially abbreviated as BAE, is a series of shorts that formed a part of the Cartoon Network Wedgies. It originally aired in-between programs on Cartoon Network in 2008, and later aired on Boomerang in the same year.

Like The Talented Mr. Bixby and Calling Cat-22, this series had only five shorts. Unlike the other Wedgies shows, which usually went for broad comic approaches, BAE had a much more gentle, almost "wistful" type of humor, mainly based on the interaction of its characters.


This series is very loosely based on the German folk-tale, "The Bremen Town Musicians" ("Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten"), transforming its name and using the species of its characters for the series.

The series revolves around four adolescent (and mono-colored) anthropomorphic animals who form a garage band in a suburban neighborhood. The line-up consists of Barrett, a blue donkey who is the keyboardist, Simon, an orange dog who is the lead guitarist, Jessica, a lavender cat who is the bassist, and Tanner, a greenish-yellow rooster who is the drummer.

Most of the shorts centered on the characters' getting into various predicaments that interrupt their rehearsals in one way or another, typically caused by the eccentricities of one of the characters (such as Simon's penchant for gimmicks, Jessica's getting distracted by her social life, or Tanner's ditziness and eternal hunger), while the harried Barrett desperately tries to keep the band focused.

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Airing Edit

The Bremen Avenue Experience originally aired on Boomerang on June 1, 2008 and continuously did so until it eventually stopped airing well before Boomerang's rebrand in 2014.


  • Ironically, the original folktale features four animals who are so old that their owners were planning to slaughter them, whereas BAE's characters are depicted as adolescent.
  • Furthermore, the four animals in the folktale, though they set out to become official musicians for the city of Bremen, never actually arrive there and never become musicians.
  • Even though Bremen Avenue in the series is most likely fictional, there are coincidentally at least four real-life places in the United States called 'Bremen Avenue.'
  • This is the only Wedgies series to have a TV Tropes page.
  • No other character besides the four main ones appears except for the father of one of the four, though others (such as Jake Python) as seen on poster art on the wall of the garage may count.
  • It is never made clear who owns the house where the characters rehearse, though Pete Donnelly's bringing in food and familiarity with the posters in the garage may hint that it is the Donnelly home.