The Bremen Avenue Experience
The Bremen Avenue Experience
Genre Animation
Format Animation
Created by N/A
Written by Steve Patrick
Creative director(s) Adam Fuchs
Starring N/A
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5 (List of The Bremen Avenue Experience episodes)
Executive producer(s) Evan Adler
Steve Patrick
Running time 2 minutes
Composer(s) N/A
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Original channel Cartoon Network
First shown June 1, 2008
Original run June 1, 2008 – June 1, 2008
Status Ended
The Bremen Avenue Experience is a series of shorts in Cartoon Network's Wedgies collection. The series had only five episodes, all of which are available on YouTube. Though it was a comedy series, BAE had a very gentle, almost wistful type of humor, based mainly on the character interaction of the its quirky characters.


The series took its name and the species of its characters from the German folk-tale, "The Bremen Town Musicians" ("Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten"), found in the collection of tales of the Brothers Grimm, but is otherwise unrelated.

BAE featured the comic misadventures of four teenage (and mono-colored) animals, Barrett the blue donkey, Simon the orange dog, Jessica the lavender cat, and Tanner the green rooster, as they attempted to practice their garage band. Generally, Barrett would try to keep the group on-task, while Simon's penchant for gimmicks, Jessica's social life, or Tanner's ditziness or eternal hunger, would continually interrupt their practicing.

Main CharactersEdit

List of Episodes of The Bremen Avenue ExperienceEdit

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Videos of The Bremen Avenue ExperienceEdit

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  • It's noteworthy that the original folktale features four animals who are so old that their owners were planning to slaughter them, whereas the cartoon focuses on four teens.
  • The four animals in the folktale, though they set out to become official musicians for the city of Bremen, never actually arrive there and never become musicians.
  • No character besides the four main ones appears except for the father of one of the four, though others (such as Jake Python) are seen in poster art on the wall of the garage the characters practice in.

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