Tanner Crop
Tanner Donnelly
Bremen Avenue Experience character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators David M. Strandquest
Voiced by Uncredited
Character information
Full name Tanner Donnelly
Species Rooster
Other names
Occupation Drummer
Relatives Pete Donnelly (father)
Allies Jessica, Simon, Barrett, Pete Donnelly
Quote "Did you know that Jessica was a girl?"

Tanner Donnelly, or simply just Tanner is a main character from The Bremen Avenue Experience of Cartoon Network Wedgies.

Character Overview Edit

Tanner is a greenish-yellow rooster who is the drummer of the titular band in the series and could be considered the comical relief. He usually never really gets involved with most situations Simon, Barrett and Jessica get into and this sometimes gives him the advantage to try to eat something to satisfy his constant hunger which is one of his notable schticks. He used to be embarrassed whenever his father, Pete Donnelly would be around his friends, but this ended when he gave Pete a chance of performing with them. During his childhood he once ate Jessica's entire cake at her 6th birthday before she could blow out the candles and even remembered that it tasted good.

Tanner seems to be attracted to Jessica, but it's only really implied in "Jessica's Story" and they otherwise don't interact that much personally.

Personality Edit

Tanner is ditzy, gluttonous, naive and dim-witted. He often gets confused in certain situations when either craving for food or getting carried away with his drums, but one thing he always remembers and is focused with is saying "5, 6, 7, 8" which starts every rehearsal the band may do.


Tanner is an overweight, greenish-yellow rooster who is the shortest and smallest member of the band. Two of his notable physical features is his olive-green comb, wattle, and greenish-yellow beak. He usually wears a olive-green tank-top and a pair of matching colored cargo shorts.



  • Tanner is the only character in the series whose last name was revealed.
  • His catchphrase is "5, 6, 7, 8."
  • He bears some similarities to Carl Wheezer from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and P.J. Pete from Goof Troop and the Goofy Movie films.
  • While Tanner's dad has appeared, it is unknown about the whereabouts of his mother, it's possible that she either died sometime when Tanner was young or she just doesn't live with him and his dad.