Super Cow
Super Cow
Cow and Chicken character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Marc Perry, Butch Hartman
Voiced by Charlie Adler
Character information
Full name
Species Cow
Other names Cow (in regular form)
Occupation Superhero, Elementary School Student (as Cow)
Relatives Dad (father), Mom (mother), Chicken (brother), Boneless Chicken (cousin)
Allies Chicken
Enemies The Red Guy
Quote "Super Cow el rescate!"

Super Cow (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a character from Cow and Chicken and is Cow's superhero alter-ego.


When Cow is Super Cow she displays greater intelligence than normal and has the ability to speak Spanish.


Super Cow is a peach colored female superhero cow. She has pink-peach colored snout and utters, she wears a light green cape and a purple suit that has a red letter "C" in the middle of an upside triangle in the middle of her suit.

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