Calling Cat 22
General information
Series: Calling Cat-22
Starring: Cat-22
Agent Andrew
Gato Primo
Directed by: Jai Anthony Lewis Husband
Produced by: Steve Patrick
Evan Adler
Written by: Matthew Schwartz
Animation by:
Voices by: Garrett Fisher
David Markus
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by:
Music by: David Nagler
Thom Soriano

"Stink" is the fourth episode of Calling Cat 22, following "Flying Discs" and preceding "Sniff". It originally aired on Cartoon Network in-between programs on June 2, 2008.


Cat-22 is drifting in a gondola in Venice when the gondolier reveals himself to be Agent Andrew. Restraining 22 from escaping, he hands him the usual brief-case. Gato Primo asks 22 to investigate the "ritualistic" canine behavior of rolling in filth; the exploding briefcase causes the roof of 22's doghouse rendezvous to crush him.

When 22 incredulously asks Guthrie if he really enjoys rolling in his own foulness, Guthrie affirms his enthusiasm and wonders whether 22 doesn't share it; nervous of exposing his real identity, 22 avers that he is merely seeking something disgusting enough. Catching site of some pipes oozing hazardous waste, he rolls in the pollution, with the result that he glows green, his eyes are discolored, and his face falls off. Andrew sends an extraction team to recover 22, and his face.

22 is then seen swathed in bandages, as Andrew cheerily assures him that their doctors were able to save his face. There were, however, some "complications" — which are revealed (to 22's horror) to be the complete inversion of his face on his head.


  • Despite rhetorically asking why dog behavior is so gross, 22 himself swallows a hairball which he has previously coughed up onto the floor.
  • The barrels seen floating in the polluted water bear the symbol developed in 1966 to represent biohazards, such as medical waste or samples of a microorganism, virus, or toxin. There are also "No Swimming" signs posted nearby.
  • Gato Primo's name appears on a sign in the hospital with his picture and the caption, "Gato says... Wash your paws before returning to work" [sic]. "Primo" does not appear. It is possible that "Gato Primo" may be a title or code name for the head of the organization, and the organization itself may be called "Gato."
    • Gato is the Spanish for "cat"; it is worth pointing out that in two previous episodes ("Bones" and "Flying Discs"), the Chief has spoken Spanish.
  • This is perhaps the episode in which 22 suffers the most, as his face is first chemically burnt off and then incorrectly reattached.

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