Calling Cat 22
General information
Series: Calling Cat-22
Starring: Cat-22
Agent Andrew
Gato Primo
Directed by: Jai Anthony Lewis Husband
Produced by: Steve Patrick
Evan Adler
Written by: Matthew Schwartz
Animation by:
Voices by: Garrett Fisher
David Markus
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by:
Music by: David Nagler
Thom Soriano

"Sniff" is the fifth and last episode of Calling Cat 22, following "Stink." It originally aired on Cartoon Network in-between programs on June 2, 2008.


Cat-22 is eating sausages in a Bavarian-style restaurant when the Lederhosen-clad and Tyrolean-hatted waiter reveals himself to be Agent Andrew with the normal brief-case. Gato Primo calls upon 22 to learn the apparent secret greeting among dogs, the repulsive nature of which so enthralls 22 that his briefcase blows up before he can escape.

Introduced to Percy by Guthrie, 22 loses his disguise when Percy gooses him with his cold, wet doggy nose. Guthrie begins to growl at the now revealed cat, while Percy comments that 22's "butt smells like tuna." Agent Andrew sends a rocket to snatch 22 out of danger; the two dogs wonder where he has gone and decide to go off and eat poop.

Back at headquarters, Gato asks if 22 has been recovered; Andrew reveals that the rocket has come back with only a note, "Leave me alone!" and that 22 has gone "deep underground," a move which Gato describes as "Brilliant!" 22 is last seen swimming away toward the rising (or setting) sun through a vast expanse of water.


  • The paper that 22 is reading in the restaurant shows the partial title "AT TIMES," most likely for THE CAT TIMES.
  • Though the "waiter" asks 22 if he would like more Schnitzel (i.e., breaded cutlets), what his platter is full of and what 22 has been eating are actually sausages (Würste).
  • Though 22 has encountered Percy in two previous episodes ("Hydrant" and "Bones"), he tells Guthrie he has not met him before; he may be referring to a formal introduction. Percy shows no signs of recognizing 22, and seems not to recognize him as a cat even when he loses his disguise.
  • Though Guthrie is easily fooled by 22's dog disguise, he seems to recognize him as a cat the moment it is removed; conversely, he seems not to recognize that the cat is the same person as his friend.
  • Andrew's code that 22's disguise has failed, "The Emperor has no clothes!" is a reference to the well-known tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes" ("Kejserens nye Klæder") by Hans Christian Andersen.

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