Simon Point
Bremen Avenue Experience character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators David M. Strandquest
Voiced by Uncredited
Character information
Full name
Species Domestic Dog
Other names
Occupation Guitarist
Allies Jessica, Barrett, Tanner, Pete Donnelly
Quote "Today I am a man!"

Simon is a main character from The Bremen Avenue Experience of Cartoon Network Wedgies.

Character Overview Edit

Simon is an orange dog who is the lead guitarist of the eponymous band in the series. He seems to be the "creative mind" of the group as he is always coming up with ways to improve the band with gimmicks and visuals, though the other members usually don't approve of them. He also seems to be skilled with technical concepts as he apparently constructed his own control panel for monitoring his gimmicks in the introduction short along with the other supplies in relation to the previously mentioned gadget. He once got Jessica fireworks for her sixth birthday and burned down her "Roxanne Fashion Model Dream Castle" five minutes after she opened it.

Personality Edit

Simon is very enthusiastic, practical and generally creative, though he can be overconfident, somewhat childish and nosy (as Jessica once called him). He's almost always positive with whatever he's on about and is genuinely skillful with his talents.

Appearance Edit

Simon is a slightly plump, orange dog who is the second shortest member of the band. He usually wears a reddish-orange shirt with a lightning bolt on it and matching color pants. He also wears dark-orange wrist bands with spikes on them.

Unlike the other characters in the series, he has simple dots for eyes instead of normal ones.



  • Simon's line, "Today I am a man," in "Introducing the Bremen Avenue Experience," is the typical beginning of a Bar Mitzvah speech, and his name is Hebrew in origin. This may suggest that Simon is meant to be Jewish.
  • He might be the lead singer of the band as he primarily sings the song about the United Kingdom in "Barrett's Story."