Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel, Super Secret, Secret Squirrel, & 2 Stupid Dogs character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by Mel Blanc (1960s), Jess Harnell (1990s)
Character information
Full name
Species Squirrel
Other names
Allies Morroco Mole (sidekick), Penny (crush), Chief (boss), Double-Q (Boss)
Enemies Yellow Pinkie
Quote "I knew it all the time."

Secret Squirrel (voiced by Mel Blanc and Jess Harnell) is a character that appears in both Secret Squirrel and Super Secret, Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel (2)

Secret Squirrel in Super Secret Secret Squirrel (1993)


Secret Squirrel serves as a secret agent for Double-Q and Chief. Him and his partner use gadgets to outwit their foes.


Secret Squirrel wears a blue hat with a white trench coat, he wears no shoes and doesn't wear any pants, his eyes amazingly poke out of of the sides of his hat. Also, he has had a little change in appearance as seen in the second photo, his ears droop down along the sides of his hat, his nose has turned grey, and his fur has become darker however in the original Secret Squirrel he has lighter colored fur, hat, a black nose, and his ears perk up.

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