The following is a short wiki page on rules of the Boomerang Wiki. 


While making pages, never use profanity such as cuss or slang words to express your feelings toward the show. This wiki is not a the Critics of the Boomerang TV Channel Wiki.

Any user who does this will be blocked from the wikia!

Rule #2 - Please List Your Resources In Wiki Pages!

When making a new page, always be sure to list your references that you got the information from to make the page!

See: Using the Boomerang Wiki

Rule #3 - NO Creating Pages with Inaccurate Information

When creating pages, do not put whatever you want on it. You are not allowed to create pages that have inaccurate information. You also can not create pages of TV channels that have no documented information of ever coming on Boomerang and no resources as to when or if it will come on the channel.

If you break this rule, you will automatically be blocked from the wiki for a maximum of 2 weeks.

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