Dog 1
Calling Cat-22 character
Background information
First appearance Calling Cat-22
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by
Character information
Full name
Species Dog
Other names
Personality Mean, Grumpy, Bully, Tough, Unbelievably Stupid, Aggressive, Rude and Nasty (To Cats)

Friendly (to Guthrie)

Appearance Bulldog with a Spike Collar, Blue shirt with small red stripes
Occupation Guthrie's friend
Allies Guthrie
Enemies Cat-22, Agent Andrew, Gato Primo,

Percy is a supporting character in the Calling Cat-22 series of Wedgies, appearing in three out of five episodes. Percy is a large, yellowish bulldog in a dark-blue-and-red-striped shirt and a spiked red collar. Percy is unbelievably stupid and rather aggressive; on one occasion, he doesn't realize that Cat-22 is a cat even after 22 loses his none-too-convincing disguise, and on another, he swipes 22's bone and, when asked to return it, bops him over the head with it. He is capable, however, of a certain level of sarcasm, as when he asks 22 if he needs to be shown how to "use" a fire-hydrant.

Trivia Edit

  • Percy's name was originally going to be "Buster."