Peaceville is the name of the city where Grojband is located in.

History Edit

According to the Grojband episode, "War and Peaceville", Peaceville was founded 100 years prior to Grojband's time, after the Mallory clan (who are Nick Mallory's ancestors) wrote an national anthem for their city that was stolen by the Riffin clan (who are Corey and Trina Riffin's ancestors), who took all the credit for it. This caused a huge fight between the two clans which eventually ended with the two clans hugging and making up. [Sources 1]

Buildings in Peaceville Edit

Various buildings are located in Peaceville, including a zoo, a news station, a town hall, and other buildings.

Trivia Edit

  • The mayor of Peaceville is named Mayor Mellow.
  • Since Grojband is always causing bad things to happen, the name "Peaceville" is a form of irony.

Sources Edit

  1. "Peaceville"- Grojband Wiki

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