Nacho Bear

Genre Animation, Comedy
Rating TV-Y7
Running Time 2 minutes
Series Run June 1, 2008 - June 1, 2008
Boomerang Run 2008-2014
Nacho Bear is a series of shorts used as Wedgies. The series ultimately had seven episodes. Unlike some of the Wedgies shorts, all the Nacho Bear episodes are available on YouTube.

Nacho Bear seems to have been the most popular series of all the Wedgies, even receiving a second run in 2010. The shorts center on an orange bear and a green raccoon who are always after one single nacho chip and will stop at nothing to catch it. Nacho Bear won't settle for any other chip; he wants only that specific one. Nevertheless, despite all their efforts, neither Nacho Bear nor the raccoon ever get the nacho chip they long for.

This short series ended with 7 shorts after its second run in 2010.

The series was created by Art Roche and executive produced by Steve Patrick.


Nacho Bear tries to get nachos.


  • Nacho Bear makes a cameo appearance (along with Cat-22) on a bulletin board in The Talented Mr. Bixby episode, "The Substitute Bug Man," as "Oso Nacho" (Mr. Bixby is evidently substituting as a Spanish teacher). A toy Nacho Bear also sits on a shelf in "The Substitute Guidance Counselor" in the same series.

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List of Episodes of Nacho BearEdit

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Videos of Nacho BearEdit

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