Nacho Bear

Genre Animation, Comedy
Rating TV-Y7
Running Time 2 minutes
Series Run June 1, 2008 - June 1, 2008
Boomerang Run 2008-2014
Nacho Bear is a series of shorts used apart of Cartoon Network's Wedgies It originally aired on Cartoon Network in 2008, and later aired on Boomerang in the same year. It also had a second run on Cartoon Network in 2010, making it the only series of Wedgies to do so.

Along with Big Baby, this was the only Wedgies series to have 7 episodes rather than 5.

The series was created by Art Roche and executive produced by Steve Patrick.


The shorts center on an orange bear and a green raccoon who are always after one single nacho chip and will stop at nothing to catch it. Nacho Bear won't settle for any other chip; he wants only that specific one. Nevertheless, despite all their efforts, neither Nacho Bear nor the raccoon ever get the nacho chip they long for.


  • Nacho Bear makes a cameo appearance (along with Cat-22) on a bulletin board in The Talented Mr. Bixby episode, "The Substitute Bug Man," as "Oso Nacho" (Mr. Bixby is evidently substituting as a Spanish teacher). A toy Nacho Bear also sits on a shelf in "The Substitute Guidance Counselor" in the same series.

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