Nacho Bear
Nacho Bear
Nacho Bear character
Background information
First appearance Nacho Bear
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by
Character information
Full name
Species Bear
Other names
Personality Funny, Clumsy, Mad, Hungry, Obsessed (Especially Nacho Chip)
Appearance Orange Bear with Yellow Cream Underbelly and Muzzle
Citizenship Forest
Allies His frenemy Raccoon, Cat 22, Mr. Bixby, Other Wedge Characters
Minions Raccoon
Enemies The Ant, The Bird, Fish, Big Cat

Nacho Bear is the ursine protagonist of his eponymous Wedgies series. Generally in the company of his friend and rival, a green raccoon, Nacho Bear pursues a particular nacho chip; even when there is a whole nacho bag, he always sticks to one chip. Despite his constant failure, he never gives up on his quest to acquire that one perfect chip.

Trivia Edit

  • Nacho Bear (along with Cat-22) makes a cameo appearance in The Talented Mr. Bixby episode, "The Substitute Bug Man," as a drawing on the bulletin board labeled "Oso Nacho." Mr. Bixby is evidently substituting in a Spanish class.