Morroco Mole
Morocco Mole
Secret Squirrel, Super Secret, Secret Squirrel, & 2 Stupid Dogs character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by Paul Frees (1960s), Jim Cummings (1990s)
Character information
Full name Morocco Mole
Species Mole
Other names
Allies Secret Squirrel, Double-Q (boss), Chief, Penny
Enemies Yellow Pinkie

Morocco Mole (voiced by Paul Frees and Jim Cummings) is a character that appears in both Secret Squirrel and Super Secret, Secret Squirrel.


Morroco Mole in Super Secret Secret Squirrel

Morocco Mole in Super Secret, Secret Squirrel

Morocco Mole is Secret Squirrel's sidekick and never leaves his side.


Morocco Mole wears a fez on his head with glasses with a big bushy green color, he also wears turquoise jacket, he also wears no shoes or pants. He also had a change of appearance, in Super Secret, Secret Squirrel, his fez is red and the strings on it is yellow, his big bushy color is yellow an his jacket is orange, his fur is grey, he wears sunglasses, and his nose is purple, but in Secret Squirrel his fez is violet and so is the strings on his fez is also violet, his color is a yellow-green color, his coat is turqouise, and his fur is brown, and has a black nose.

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