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Mayor Mellow

Mayor Mellow is a character on Grojband. The mayor of Peaceville, Mellow tries to keep the peace in the town, but is constantly challenged by the band's antics. He is voiced by Kedar Brown.

Biography Edit

Although most of his talking is either a piercing blast of surround sound static or a catchy little rhyme, Mayor Mellow tends to be a caring and loving kind of guy who exposes this most with the way he carries around a picture of his deceased mother, which he publicly confides in. On top of his mayoral duties, Mellow has a bunch of crazy contraptions up his sleeve, from a little yellow hat that also serves as a phone, to a series of costumes that give him the ability to fly. As annoying as he is, the Mayor’s intentions are good. He wants nothing more than to keep his town and its citizens happy, safe and as peaceful as the name of his city sounds like but Grojband is a rousing stampede of craziness that he's not 100% satisfied with having in his economy. He’s afraid their success will make his Peaceville citizens a zoo full of wild and rambunctious creatures that will turn his town upside-down. He often tries to silence the band and their antics but his ideas are so absurdly ill-conceived, they always backfire leaving him with egg on his face. And despite all his peace keeping efforts, the Mayor isn’t even a blip on the band’s radar, but that won’t stop him (and his mom) from trying again tomorrow. Mayor Mellow talks mostly in rhymes, to have more fun with himself.

Appearance Edit

Mayor Mellow is a short black man and has a big, tall, bald head and a green and yellow plaid shirt. He wears a hat which doubles as a phone and a pocket for his picture of his dead mother which he always carries around and big black thick round oval like glasses on his big long nose.

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