Man #1

Man -2

Man #2

Man #1 and #2 (both voiced by Patrick Warburton) are names given to two characters from Big Baby.

Man #1 is a pit chief that is the boss of Centerville's race car driver, Tex Mannan, and his assistant. He is determined to win the race, and his hopes were still not let down when Tex Mannan's car crashed. He ordered a reserved driver when he didn't have anymore reserved drivers, so Big Baby entered the race.

Man #2 is the assistant of the pit chief. He only had one line, "We don't have anymore reserved drivers, Chief."


  • Man #1 is a stout adult with grey hair and a thick mustache. He wears a turquoise cap, a turquoise polo-shirt, tan pants and brown shoes.
  • Man #2 is a skinny young adult with blonde hair. He wears a turquoise cap, a turquoise t-shirt with baby blue stripes and blue jeans.