Mac (voiced by Sean Marquette) is a character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.


Mac is a bright, creative, happy-go-lucky, sensitive, and somewhat shy 8 year old boy and Bloo's creator and best friend who visits Fosters' every day. Mac is often the voice of the reason among his friends when they're making descisions. However, his good nature tends to make him somewhat naive. His biggest fear is to never be able to see Bloo again. Max becomes extremely hyperactive when he eats sugar. He also has an rivalry with Frankie who kicks him out of Foster's in Crime After Crime, and Ticket to Rod telling him to leave Foster's and never return.

Allies: Frankie (formerly), Bloo (formerly), Wilt (formerly) Eduardo (formerly), CoCo (formerly), Madame Foster (formerly), Mr. Herriman (Formerly), Bendy, Terrence, Duchess, Goo

Enemies: Frankie, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, CoCo, Madame Foster, & Mr. Herriman

Likes: visiting Foster's everyday, Frankie doing mean things to him, hurting Frankie's feelings, getting arrested

Dislikes: Doing nice things for Frankie

Fate: Gets arrested, never seen or heard from again


Mac has brown hair and wears a red and white shirt, a green backpack with black straps, and grey pants, he wears black and white shoes.

Mac FusionFall


Mac has made an appearance in FusionFall, which is an online video game. In FusionFall, Mac is anime and has more detail than in his original cartoon.

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