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The following is a list of television shows broadcast by Boomerang.


Current ProgrammingEdit

This is a list of currently running/rerunning programming on Boomerang, along with the year the show premiered on Boomerang, and the rating.

As of November 4 2015

Original Programming Edit

Be Cool Scooby Doo (October 5, 2015-present) (TV-PG)

Wabbit (October 5, 2015-present) (TV-PG)

Reruns of Programs from Cartoon NetworkEdit

Reruns of Programs from Hanna-BarberaEdit

The Adventures of the Koopalings

Genre Action,Comedy,Humor,Adventure,Slapstick Comedy
Rating TV-Y7
Running Time Unknown
Series Run April 1st,2004-Februrary 23.2010
Boomerang Run Jan 5 2012 present

Reruns of Programs from Warner Bros. AnimationEdit

Reruns of Other ProgramsEdit

  • [[Shaun the Sheep]] (October 7, 2015 - present) (TV-G)
  • Sonic Boom (October 8, 2015 - present) (TV-Y7 FV)

Current Interstitial SeriesEdit

Current Programming BlocksEdit

Season Programming BlocksEdit

Future ProgrammingEdit

Original ProgrammingEdit

  • Untitles Wacky Races reboot (coming to Boomerang in 2017)

First-Run SeriesEdit

On Hiatus Edit

The Ton and Jerry Show



Former ProgrammingEdit

First-run acquired seriesEdit

Cartoon Network StudiosEdit

Former Interstital SeriesEdit

Programs Owned by Turner BroadcastingEdit

Programs Licensed Under Warner Bros. Animation and TelevisionEdit

Programs Licensed Under the Program ExchangeEdit

Programs Licensed Under Other PartiesEdit

Former Boomerang BlocksEdit

See AlsoEdit

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