Season 1Edit

  • Freezy Does It
  • Invasion of the Mommy Snatchers
  • The Ditto Master
  • I Was a Teeneage Grown-Up
  • Grime & Punishment
  • A Tale of Too Silly
  • To Baby or Not To Baby
  • Day of the Villains
  • Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Curse of the Reverse
  • Capt. Caveman's First Adventure
  • Leave It to Mother
  • Greed It and Weep

Season 2Edit

  • Captain Naveman
  • Attack of the Fifty Foot Teeneage Lizard
  • The Cream-Pier Strikes Back
  • Captain Caveman's Super Cold
  • The Big Bedrock Bully Bash
  • Captain Cavedog

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