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The following is an episode list for the American animated short series, Big Baby.

Series OverviewEdit

Big Baby has 1 season and 7 episodes. There has not been any DVD releases of Big Baby.

Season Episodes Premiered: Ended: DVD Release
1 7 2008.06.01 2008.06.01 N/A

List of EpisodesEdit

Season 1: 2008-2008Edit

Episode No. Episode Name Synopsis
1 Race Car Driver Big Baby is chosen to substitute for Tex Mannan in the big race.
2 Bank Robbery Big Baby stops bank robbers and gets back the money they stole.
3 Rookie Cop Big Baby becomes a rookie cop.
4 Fire Big Baby saves the a baby, cat, and a dog from a burning apartment complex
5 Bounty Hunter

Big Baby is a bounty hunter.

6 Basketball BIg Baby plays basketball.
7 Airplane Big Baby saves passengers on an airplane from being in a crash after the pilots become unconscious.

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