Season 1Edit

  • The Bear That Couldn't Sleep
  • The Fishing Bear
  • The Prospecting Bear
  • The Rookie Bear
  • The Flying Bear
  • The Bear and the Beavers
  • Wild Honey
  • Barney Bear's Victory Garden
  • Bah Wilderness
  • Barney Bear and the Uninvited Pest
  • Bear Raid Warden
  • Barney Bear's Polar Pest
  • The Unwelcome Guest
  • The Bear and the Bean
  • The Bear and the Hare
  • Goggle Fishing Bear
  • The Little Wise Quaker
  • Busybody Bear
  • Barney's Hungry Cousin
  • Cobs and Robbers
  • Heir Bear
  • Wee-Willie Wildcat
  • Half-Pint Palomino
  • The Impossible 'Possum
  • Sleepy-Time Squirrel
  • Bird-Brain Bird Dog

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