Jessica the cat thot
Bremen Avenue Experience character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators David M. Strandquest
Voiced by Uncredited
Character information
Full name
Species Domestic Cat
Other names
Occupation Bassist
Allies Simon, Tanner, Barrett, Pete Donnelly
Quote "Wow.....I'm not seeing it."

Jessica is a main character from The Bremen Avenue Experience of Cartoon Network Wedgies.

Character Overview Edit

Jessica is a lavender cat who is the bassist of the titular band in the series. She seems to be the most focused member under Barrett's command, but she does tend to get distracted by her personal property at times such as her cellphone. During her childhood she once had an unusual birthday when she turned 6 where Tanner eat her entire cake before she could blow out the candles, she and the others played Pin the Tale on the Donkey using Barrett as the subject, Simon got her fireworks as a present which she loathed, and one of her presents named the "Roxanne Fashion Model Dream Castle" got burned down by Simon five minutes after she opened it.

It's implied in Jessica's Story that Tanner appears to be attracted to her, but otherwise him and Jessica don't interact a lot personally.

Personality Edit

Jessica is somewhat of a typical "girly girl" and is generally nice and bubbly, though if provoked she can be rather sarcastic, outspoken, sassy and stern around others.


Jessica is a very slender lavender cat who is the second tallest member of the band. Some of her notable physical features is her large, cowlick-styled flick of hair swooped to her right along with her eyelids having purple eye shadow and thick, long black eyelashes. She typically wears a purple crop-top with matching colored slacks secured by a black belt with a grey belt buckle that has a cat paw-print graphic on it.


Trivia Edit

  • Jessica was the first character to appear on screen in the introduction short.
  • She also seems to be the most popular and most well remembered character from the series.