The Bremen Avenue Experience
Introducing the Bremen Avenue Experience
General information
Series: The Bremen Avenue Experience
Starring: Barrett
Directed by: Adam Fuchs
Produced by: Steve Patrick
Evan Adler
Written by: Steve Patrick
Animation by:
Voices by:
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by:
Music by:

"Introducing The Bremen Avenue Experience" is the pilot episode of The Bremen Avenue Experience, preceding "Simon's Story." It originally aired on Cartoon Network in-between programs on June 2, 2008. The episode introduced Barrett, Simon, Jessica, and Tanner.


As the band prepares to practice, Simon is hanging cables around them on the walls; he explains to the others that he feels the band needs "a little something extra." Over their demurs, he insists that they need a "wow factor"; he reminds Jessica of her sixth birthday party (of which her clearest memory is Tanner's eating her birthday cake before she could blow out the candles, while Barrett refuses ever again to let them play "Pin the Tail on The Barrett")--until Simon reminds her that he gave her an assortment of fireworks (which she reminds him burned down her "Roxane Fashion Model Dream Castle"). Jessica appeals to Barrett to stop Simon, but he reminds her that Simon never listens to him, and insists on the band's starting to practice.

As they launch into their number, Simon touches off the fireworks, which both Jessica and Barrett admit are "pretty cool" and "not bad at all" -- until Tanner's enkindled drumsticks start to burn his hands, and Simon, rushing to his aid, trips over the cables, destroying his control box and setting off a volley of rockets and Roman candles that destroy the band's instruments and send a stuffed swordfish swinging into Barrett's hindquarters. Simon is thrilled at the overall effect, but Barrett insists that the experiment will "never again" be repeated.


  • "Pin the Tail on the Barrett" is based on the children's game, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" which is a popular children's game played at American birthday parties; it involves blindfolded players' attempting to pin a detached donkey-tail onto a picture of a tailless donkey on a wall.
  • Jessica's "Roxane Fashion Model Dream Castle" was probably suggested by Mattel's "Barbie Dreamhouse." (Interestingly, a live-action show based on this toy is now touring as "The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience.")
  • Simon's line "Today I am a man" is the typical beginning of a speech given as part of a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.
  • The musical number played by the band is based in part on Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, a piece which is often played with displays of fireworks (and originally with cannons and a carillon).
  • Barrett the donkey ends up pinned in the tail by the swordfish.
  • Oddly, this episode is far more Simon-centric than the episode entitled "Simon's Story "; it is possible that that cartoon was originally meant to be "Introducing The Bremen Avenue Experience," but that this cartoon was finished first and presented to Cartoon Network as the pilot, thus effectively switching both episodes' titles.

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