Calling Cat 22
General information
Series: Calling Cat-22
Starring: Cat-22
Agent Andrew
Gato Primo
Other Dogs
Rescue Cats
Directed by: Jai Anthony Lewis Husband
Produced by: Steve Patrick
Evan Adler
Written by: Matthew Schwartz
Animation by:
Voices by: Garrett Fisher
David Markus
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by:
Music by: David Nagler
Thom Soriano

"Hydrant" is the pilot episode of Calling Cat 22, preceding "Bones." It originally aired on Cartoon Network in-between programs on June 2, 2008. The episode introduced Cat-22, Agent Andrew, Gato Primo, Guthrie, and Percy.


22, in a pair of natty plus-fours, sweater, and Tam-o'-Shanter is playing golf (probably at St. Andrews in Scotland) is surprised by Agent Andrew (dressed as a caddy). 22 is sent by Gato Primo to find out why dogs have a "particular affinity" for a certain device (a fire hydrant, in fact); when the briefcase self-destructs, it causes 22's prize bowling balls to rain down on his head.

When 22 meets Guthrie, he expresses how important having "one of those" hydrants is; Guthrie heartily agrees. 22 then watches in horrified disgust as Guthrie makes use of one. 22, attempting to open the hydrant with a wrench, holds up a line of other dogs that need to use the hydrant; when Percy sarcastically asks 22 if he wants Percy to show him how to use the hydrant, 22 innocently remarks that that would be "a capital idea" -- when the hydrant suddenly pops open and a stream of water shoots forth, pinning him up against a brick building. A water tower on the same building collapses on top of 22, and he is thereafter struck by lightning. When Gato sees this via a hidden camera, he orders Andrew to retrieve 22; two cats appear on a firetruck and drag him away.

22 is next seen in traction in hospital. Andrew appears to give him the "good news" that he will be given a new assignment by the end of the week. 22 leaps through the window in an attempt to escape, but remains dangling by his leg cast.


  • The first scene is suggested to be Scotland not only by 22's golf game, but also by his tartan tam and by the bagpipes playing "Scotland the Brave" in the background. 22 is likely at the famous St. Andrews golf links.
  • 22's line as he struggles to open the hydrant, "And I thought these things smelled bad on the outside!" is taken from the 1980 STAR WARS film, The Empire Strikes Back; Han Solo utters it when he cuts open the belly of a Taun-Taun to create a shelter. The series references the same film in the third episode, "Flying Discs".
  • The building against which 22 is flung is labeled "Schwartz Towers," a reference to creator Matthew Schwartz.
  • The two rescue cats that retrieve 22 are wearing dog-ears on their firemen's helmets.
  • The hospital to which 22 is taken is "St. Patrick Veterinary Hospice," a reference to Wedgies producer Steve Patrick.

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