Dog 2
Calling Cat-22 character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by David Markus
Character information
Full name
Species Dog
Other names
Allies Cat-22, Percy

Guthrie is an important supporting character in the Calling Cat-22 series of Wedgies, appearing in all five episodes. Guthrie is a large, stout, rather pin-headed dog of indeterminate breed (i.e., he's a mutt), mango-colored with liver-colored forelock, tail, and paws; he wears a deep blue sports shirt (invariably open) and a fuchsia collar. Like all dogs in the series, he is an utter moron and a total slob, ignorant (he confuses the words "specimen" and "spaceman"), easily distracted, and reveling in rolling in his own stink.

Guthrie is Cat-22 's best friend and most usual source of information in the dog world. He is easily fooled by 22's disguise of a dog-eared beanie (in the wrong colored fur!); when the disguise is removed, he doesn't seem to realize that the cat in front of him is his friend. Whenever 22 is snatched out of whatever dangerous situation he has gotten into, Guthrie will almost immediately forget that 22 was ever there at all.

Guthrie was voiced by David Markus .

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