Calling Cat 22
Flying Discs
General information
Series: Calling Cat-22
Starring: Cat-22
Agent Andrew
Gato Primo
Directed by: Jai Anthony Lewis Husband
Produced by: Steve Patrick
Evan Adler
Written by: Matthew Schwartz
Animation by:
Voices by: Garrett Fisher
David Markus
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by:
Music by: David Nagler
Thom Soriano

"Flying Discs" is the third episode of Calling Cat 22, following "Bones" and preceding "Stink". It originally aired on Cartoon Network in-between programs on June 2, 2008.


Cat-22 is sipping coffee at a café in Paris when Agent Andrew emerges from a nearby pool with the usual brief-case. Gato Primo requests 22 to investigate the strange attraction that certain discs (flying discs or "Frisbees") have for dogs; 22's sleeve becomes caught in the closed attaché-case as the self-destruct countdown begins, and he is not able to wriggle out of his shirt in time to avoid the blast.

22 is questioning Guthrie what they should do with the disc, when another sails past and Guthrie chases and catches it. When told it is now his turn, 22 makes a series of increasingly exhausting and dangerous catches, including one in the middle of traffic, and crawls back to Guthrie, spits out the disc, falters, "How'd I do?" and collapses. Gato declares an emergency, and Andrew has 22 retrieved — in Guthrie's full sight, though yet another flying disc causes the dim-witted mutt instantly to forget what he has seen.

The rescued agent is next seen floating unclothed in a tank of liquid, with monitors and breathing apparatus attached to him; Andrew blithely assures him that he will be out in a short matter of six weeks and offers to fetch him some magazines -- whereupon 22 breaks out of the tube and jumps through the nearest window.


  • 22's attempt to feign ignorance of Andrew's speech ("Sorry; no speakez-vouz Eengleesh!") would have been more effective if he had actually said in French, «Désolé; je ne parle pas anglais
  • The back of 22's menu says «Pour Boire », which literally means, "for drinking" but idiomatically refers to a tip or gratuity.
  • The truck that knocks 22's shoes off bears the name "Husband Bros. Trucking", a reference to the director, Jai Anthony Lewis Husband.
  • Gato Primo addresses Andrew by name for the only time in this episode.
  • Gato speaks Spanish again in this episode, labeling 22's situation a Code "Rojo" ("Red").
  • The tank in which 22 is floating unclothed is imitated from the "Bacta tank" in which Luke Skywalker is similarly healed after losing his hand in the 1980 STAR WARS film The Empire Strikes Back. The series had made another reference to the same film in the first episode, "Hydrant".
  • The two charts on the wall by the window show 1) a dog about to catch a disc with the words "Beware the Diskus" (or possibly "Disk V5") and 2) a stick-figure cat kicking a dog with the words "Kitty Power".

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