Elmore (pop. 20,000) is a fictional minor metropolis in California, USA. All characters of The Amazing World of Gumball live here.

The city has its own newspaper, The Elmore Daily; school, Elmore Junior High; gas company; video-hosting website; hospital; and airline service, all with "Elmore" in their names.


  • The city is mostly based off of Vallejo, CA; while the school and other buildings are based on San Fransisco.
  • Elmore is surrounded by huge bodies of water, which take large bridges to cross.
  • Win or Don't Win is the most popular television program in Elmore.
  • There are numerous towns, cities, and counties named Elmore in the United States.[1]
  • Elmore has a second dimension known as "The Void" where all of its mistakes end up.[2]


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