2 Stupid Dogs Door Jam Title Card
Door Jam
General information
Series: 2 Stupid Dogs
Starring: Big Dog
Little Dog
Old Woman
Directed by: Donovan Cook
Produced by: Donovan Cook
Larry Huber
Written by: Roberts Gannaway
Animation by: Jan Adams
Frank Andrina
Chris Bailey
Sara Bleick
Julian Chaney
Joan Drake
Todd Frederiksen
Beth Goodwin
Karen Greslie
Alison Leopold
Bob Onorato
Joanna Romersa
Kim Taylor
Vincent Waller
Allen Wizbach
Star Wirth
Carol Wyatt
Voices by: Brad Garrett
Mark Schiff
Carol Channing
Layouts by:
Backgrounds by: Joe Binggeli
Ruben Chavez
Richard Daskas
Natalie Franscioni-Karp
Al Gmuer
Tim Maloney
Patricia Palmer-Phillipson
Bernie Petterson
Andrew Phillipson
Leonard Robledo
Ron Roesch
Maryann Thomas
Music by: Bodie Chandler
Chris Desmond
Guy Moon
Tom Seufert

"Door Jam", stylized as door Jam, is the pilot episode of the series, 2 Stupid DogsThe episode was aired along with episode 1b, Where's the Bone? and the Super Secret, Secret Squirrel episode, Goldflipper on September 5, 1993 and introduced the main characters, Big Dog and Little Dog.


Big Dog loses the can of which he had been chewing on and follows it down the path of it which it rolls down only to discover that it had been trapped by an automatic door. Little Dog thinks that the door won't open for them because they are not wearing shoes, and the two hunt for a pair in a store. 



Two Stupid Dogs - Door Jam

Two Stupid Dogs - Door Jam

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