Darkwing duck
Darkwing Duck is an american television series.


  • Launchpad McQuack (voiced by Terry McGovern) is Darkwing Duck's sidekick and pilot, who originally appeared as a main character in DuckTales. He refers to Darkwing as "DW" and Darkwing sometimes refers to him as "LP" in return. He is Darkwing's self-proclaimed biggest fan,[10] even spending a year designing and building the Thunderquackaircraft just out of fanboy urges.[5] The hero originally found him annoying but quickly came to see him as a friend.[5][10] As Gizmoduck also appears in the show, it is confirmed that Launchpad is no longer working for Scrooge McDuck: In the episode "Tiff of the Titans", when Fenton comes to visit Launchpad, Launchpad explains to Drake Mallard that "Fenton and I used to work for the same guy".[11]
  • Gosalyn Mallard (birth name Waddlemeyer) (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) is Drake Mallard's 9-year-old adopted daughter. She is an unstoppable bundle of energy and spunk, which Darkwing has said is more of a handful than fighting crime.[12] Her grandfather Professor Waddlemeyer was a famous scientist who was murdered by Taurus Bulba's underlings.[10] She is an occasional crime fighter (going by such names as "Yucky Duck",[13] the "Crimson Quackette",[14] the "Quiverwing Quack",[15][16] and finally "Gosmoduck" in the Boom! Studios comics), and often gets involved in Darkwing's affairs as herself. Gosalyn being hurt or worse is one of Darkwing's few fears. This applies to the Negaverse version of Gosalyn too, as he intends to leave the alternate reality until he learns that her guardian is Negaduck.[17] Though both Gosalyns' moralities are similar, but the Negaverse Gosalyn is extremely sweet, sentimental, and compliant, and wears a dress.[17]

The Muddlefoots Edit

  • Herbert "Herb" Muddlefoot Sr. (voiced by Jim Cummings impersonating Andy Devine) is the father of Tank and Honker Muddlefoot, the husband of Binkie Muddlefoot, and the next-door neighbor of Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck). Drake finds him very irritating, but they do work together well in at least two episodes.[18][19] Herb sells Quackerware (the Darkwing Duck universe's version of Tupperware) as a salesman for a living. He is extremely good at this job and even won the salesmen of the decade award.[19] Despite Drake's obvious dislike of him and his wife, Herb seems not to notice it due to his low intelligence and sees Drake as his best friend. At the end of the episode "Life, the Negaverse and Everything", Drake sees Herb and his family in a better light, since the Negaverse versions of them are much worse.[17] His full name is inferred from the full name of his son Honker (see below). In the episode "A Star is Scorned" Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot are revealed to be actors who have to act out of character as ruthless business tycoons due to a hidden clause in their acting contracts that says "The Studio is always right"!
  • Binkie Muddlefoot (voiced by Susan Tolsky) is a yellow canary housewife who is invariably overbearing, yet ditzy. Competent in housework and doing her chores, she is often the foil to Herb's fun. Basically she is a parody of a stereotypical 1950's housewife. In the episode "Comic Book Capers", she is the third person to add onto Darkwing's revision of his comic book, which earns more anger towards her from him.[20] It appears that she and Herb are destined souls, since there have been many incarnations of them seen in various timelines and dimensions and they almost always find each other and fall in love.[17][21][22]
  • Tankard H. "Tank" Muddlefoot (voiced by Dana Hill) is the eldest Muddlefoot son, and a bully who often makes life difficult for his younger brother, Honker. His full name is revealed in the episode "Life, the Negaverse and Everything"; his Negaverse counterpart is much like Honker, only more confident.[17]
  • Herbert "Honker" Muddlefoot Jr. (voiced by Katie Leigh) is the youngest Muddlefoot son and Gosalyn's best friend. His full name is revealed in the episode "Jurassic Jumble".[23]Unlike the rest of his rather dim-witted family, Honker is massively intelligent, and demonstrates a mastery of sciences more akin to a laboratory professor than an elementary school student. He is also one of the few characters to know Darkwing's true identity, as he can be trusted to do so. Unlike Launchpad, who refers to Drake as DW in public, Honker makes sure to address him as "Mr. Mallard". He also calls Darkwing "sir" to make sure he does not slip up.

Allies[edit] Edit

The Justice Ducks[edit] Edit

  • Gizmoduck / Fenton Crackshell (voiced by Hamilton Camp) is Launchpad's old friend and Darkwing's former rival superhero who originally appeared as a recurring character in DuckTales. The most aggravating thing about Gizmoduck for Darkwing is that he completely overshadows Darkwing in fame and attention whenever Gizmoduck is in St. Canard and whenever they team up. However, Darkwing comes to appreciate his own lack of powers after he saves Gizmoduck from Megavolt in the episode "Up, Up and Awry".[24] His relationship with Darkwing Duck is a possible parody of Superman's relationship with Batman.
  • Morgana MacCawber (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a sorceress who was originally a villain, but later reforms and becomes Darkwing's girlfriend. Though very powerful, Morgana has some trouble using her powers, since she forgets which spell she must use on a specific occasion. She is usually accompanied by her pet bats Eek and Squeak and her pet spider Archie (all of whom are voiced by Frank Welker). Darkwing first meets her in the episode "Fungus Amongus", when she is the president and chairperson of a mushroom-producing company that steals pizza toppings in a plot to take control of the pizza industry, but she eventually changes sides and helps Darkwing foil the plot.[25] In the episode "Ghoul of My Dreams", she is shown to still be a criminal, since she uses magical sleep sand to make St. Canard citizens sleep-steal for her so "I'll finally be able to pay off my student loans." She reforms in the end and helps Darkwing defeat the primary villain of the episode.[26] In the Boom! Studios comics, she sacrifices herself to save Darkwing from the monstrous Duckthulu; Darkwing believes she is still alive and lost in another reality, but is unable to find her. It turns out she is trapped in the same reality that Negaduck had been sent to: Darkwing brings her back to his reality in the final issue (#18) and is able to defeat Negaduck with a spell Morgana had secretly planted in him. However, due to Boom! Studios publishing "Dangerous Currency" without Disney oversight or approval, this story was declared non-canon; as of the current continuity in Joe Books' Darkwing Duck comic series, she is still missing. Her last name "MacCawber" is a play on the words "macabre" and "macaw" (even though she is a duck, not a macaw).
  • Neptunia (voiced by Susan Silo) is a mutated humanoid fish who is the self-appointed protector of the sea. She was once a normal fish, but an encounter with a barrel of radioactive waste mutated her into her current form.[27] (After Neptunia explains her origins Launchpad tearfully remarks "that's the saddest 'how I became a villain' story I've ever heard.") She uses a shell as a horn to command the creatures of the ocean to do her bidding.[27] She is often seen with a giant octopus companion named Hal.[2][28] Like Morgana, she is originally a villain but reforms and becomes a hero: In the episode "Something Fishy", she is fed up with the pollution that the land-dwellers are dumping into the sea, so she attempts to flood St. Canard until it becomes part of her ocean domain, but she eventually has a change of heart and reverses the flooding after Launchpad convinces her that not all land-dwellers are polluters.[27]
  • Stegmutt (voiced by Joey Camen) is a humanoid Stegosaurus-type dinosaur who was originally a duck working as a janitor.[23] His backstory is revealed in the episode "Jurassic Jumble", in which he first meets the main characters.[23] He was turned into a dinosaur by a mad scientist named Dr. Fossil, and became his unwitting henchman.[23] Eventually, Gosalyn and Honker convince Stegmutt that Dr. Fossil is evil, and he turns against him.[23] Despite the fact that Darkwing and other victims of Dr. Fossil are returned to normal after being turned into dinosaurs, Stegmutt remains a dinosaur.[23]

S.H.U.S.H. Edit

S.H.U.S.H. (expanded name unknown) is an intelligence agency that deals with international affairs that regular authorities cannot. Darkwing Duck often works freelance for them, but he is not an official employee. S.H.U.S.H. is a parody of Marvel Comics' S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • J. Gander Hooter (voiced by Danny Mann) is an elderly goose who is the head director of S.H.U.S.H., and whose name is a play on J. Edgar Hoover. He regards Darkwing very highly and often calls him in on cases, where he feels that a certain element of surprise, which only Darkwing is able to create, is needed. The character was reworked from an earlier DuckTales character named J. Gander Hoover who appeared in the episode "Double-O-Duck" and looked much different, being bigger and appearing younger with brown hair/feathers on his head, and worked for a different intelligence agency.[29]
  • Vladimir Goudenov Grizzlikof (voiced by Ron Feinberg) is a grizzly bear and S.H.U.S.H.'s top agent. He is depicted as very strong and adheres to S.H.U.S.H. standard procedure very closely. He and Darkwing have a longstanding rivalry which stems from Gryzlikoff's by-the-book procedure when compared to the different style of Darkwing, which relies heavily on instinct and spontaneity.[30][31] Darkwing Duck saves his life once, which irritates Gryzlikoff.[30] Eventually, the relationship changes to mutual respect.[31]
  • Dr. Sara Bellum (voiced by Jodi Carlisle) is a S.H.U.S.H. scientist, whose name is a pun on cerebellum. Darkwing first meets her in the episode "Heavy Mental",[32] although her first appearance in the series was in the earlier episode "Paraducks".[3] She appears only in four early episodes featuring S.H.U.S.H.[2][3][32][33]
  • Derek Blunt (voiced by Peter Renaday in a British accent) is a hawk who is the greatest agent in the history of S.H.U.S.H. and the only person to ever bring down master criminal Phineas Sharp.[34] His untrue life story has been dramatized into numerous books and movies, which annoys him greatly.[34] When Sharp returns, however, Blunt is brought out of retirement by J. Gander Hooter and partnered with Darkwing — a relationship he hates, despite Darkwing's gimmicks, and despite the fact that he is admired by Darkwing, who claims Blunt was his inspiration.[34] His name is a reference to Derek Flint. He only appears in the episode "In Like Blunt",[34] the title of which is itself a parody of In Like Flint. He is apparently one of the few people who have been to Darkwing's secret hideout.[34]
  • The Darkwing Squad is a group of four S.H.U.S.H. agents whom Darkwing trains to be a special squad in the episode "The Darkwing Squad".[31]
    • Darkwing Deer (voiced by Sara Partridge) is a S.H.U.S.H. agent and a member of the Darkwing Squad.[31] Picking up some of Darkwing's vain personality traits, she spends her free time trying to decide which smoke color will best set off the blush in her cheeks.[31]
    • Darkwing Dodo is a S.H.U.S.H. agent and a member of the Darkwing Squad.[31] Following Darkwing's example too much, he literally does not look where he leaps, on the grounds that "a daring do-gooder never plans".[31]
    • Darkwing Dog is a S.H.U.S.H. agent and a member of the Darkwing Squad.[31] Following Darkwing's example too much, he practices how to best flatten his head with an anvil.[31]
    • Darkwing Donkey is a S.H.U.S.H. agent and a member of the Darkwing Squad.[31] Picking up some of Darkwing's vain personality traits, he does nothing but pose for promotional snapshots.[31]
  • Femme Appeal is a statuesque fox who only appears in the Boom! Studios comic story "F.O.W.L. Disposition". She initially appears as an agent of F.O.W.L. who operates with Steelbeak. At the end of the story, it is revealed that she is a double-agent sent by S.H.U.S.H. to investigate F.O.W.L. and stop them from summoning Duckthulhu. Prior to this, Femme's true nature is briefly hinted at when she helps protect Gosalyn and Honker (who sneaked into the base as Quiverwing Quack and Arrow Kid) from Ammonia Pine. Her name is a reference to Emma Peel.
  • Dr. Desiree Bell is a female duck scientist who appears in the Joe Books comic story "Orange is the New Purple", where she is introduced as Darkwing's new S.H.U.S.H. liaison. She is in charge of overseeing S.H.U.S.H.'s new first response defense satellite, reclaimed from Taurus Bulba and Quackwerks.

Other heroes Edit

  • Comet Guy (voiced by William Callaway) is an alien humanoid superhero from the planet Mertz who possesses numerous superpowers (including throwing fireballs, freeze vision, flight, super strength, and super speed).[35][36] However, he is dull-witted and has a weakness: the sound of a bell makes him dance, and he cannot stop dancing until he hears a whistle.[35] A failure on his planet, Darkwing trains him to turn his weaknesses into strengths.[35] Darkwing later learns he comes from a planet where almost everyone is a superhero.[36] He appears in the episodes "Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet" and "Planet of the Capes".[35][36]
  • The Friendly Four is a fairly inept super-heroic version of the Fearsome Five (minus Negaduck) native to the Negaverse who appear in the episode "Life, the Negaverse and Everything".[17] Its four members consist of parallel versions of Bushroot, Quackerjack, Megavolt, and the Liquidator.[17] Because of their pacifist nature, they are retrained by Darkwing Duck into "Darkwing's Ducks".[17] As this new team, they are able to restore their St. Canard and defeat Negaduck and his thugs, who are evil versions of the Muddlefoots and Launchpad.[17] They become the guardians of the Negaverse counterpart of Gosalyn after Darkwing returns to his reality.[17]
  • Posiduck (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the embodied good half of Darkwing Duck made entirely of positrons, and created by Megavolt's tron-splitter device when it splits Darkwing's positrons from his negatrons in the episode "Negaduck".[37] Posiduck is exceedingly kind and gentle, as well as lenient and generally pacifistic.[37] He is purely positively good and possesses a friendly nature which the negatronic Negaduck cannot stand.[37] He later becomes galvanized (becoming a powerful being of positive energy) in order to battle the similarly galvanized Negaduck.[37] This also has the effect of giving him the ability to project beams of pure positronic energy (which he uses to repair damage done by Negaduck), as well as the ability to walk on air.[37]

Villains Edit

The Fearsome Five Edit

  • Negaduck (voiced by Jim Cummings) is Darkwing Duck's evil doppelgänger. He is one of Darkwing Duck's nemeses and main antagonist in the series. Negaduck is virtually identical to Darkwing except that the colors of his costume are yellow, red, and black. Like Darkwing, Negaduck is narcissistic, and normally has no special powers or abilities, relying on his intellect, physical prowess, and intimidation. However, he can disguise himself as Darkwing in order to either frame the hero for crimes and thus make him seem to be a criminal,[33] or to gain access to S.H.U.S.H. headquarters.[2] He is very ruthless and has no problem with hurting people to get what he wants – great wealth and authority over the world – until he gets defeated by Darkwing. In the episode "The Quiverwing Quack", he goes on a major crime spree after Darkwing reveals that Negaduck is not bad enough to be Public Enemy No. 1 and is thus relegated to being Public Enemy No. 2.[15] In the episode "Disguise the Limit", when Darkwing turns himself into a copy of Negaduck, the two "Negaducks" have a show-and-tell of who has the most impressive weapons to see who is the worst duck of them all.[33] {This was a parody of the classic The Rabbit of Seville where Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd have an arms race with various weapons!} In the episode "Life, the Negaverse and Everything", it is revealed that he is an evil version of Darkwing from a parallel reality called the "Negaverse" – a nightmarish reverse version of St. Canard in which he rules.[17] In the Negaverse, he is the parent of Negaverse version of Gosalyn.[17] While the two never interact in that episode, both Nega[bush]root and Darkwing are horrified by the relationship.[17] Negaduck is the leader of the Fearsome Five, a group he formed with Megavolt, Quackerjack, Bushroot and the Liquidator,[2] all of whom are somewhat scared of him and whom he openly views as losers.[17][38] In the Negaverse, their alternate selves (the Friendly Four) are an ineffectual resistance against them.[17] In the episode "Jail Bird", Negaduck uses an ancient magical jewel to steal the powers of the other members of the Fearsome Five and become Mega-Negaduck.[38] In the comic "The Duck Knight Returns", he discovers Darkwing's secret identity and attacks him at home – an event that causes the superhero to retire for a year – and later teams up with Magica De Spell to ruin Darkwing's reputation with brainwashed, alternate reality heroic versions of both him and Darkwing. An unrelated, prototype Negaduck is created in the episode "Negaduck" by Megavolt's tron-splitter device.[37] This alternative version is the embodied evil half of Darkwing that is later "galvanized" into a powerful and malevolent being.[37] In the comic "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" (a parody of the DC Comics crossover series Crisis on Infinite Earths), the tron-splitter is used to stop the main Negaduck, reducing him to multiple microscopic particles of good and evil. In the now-retconned story arc "Dangerous Currency", it is revealed that the particles eventually turn into a slime substance. This slime is used by The Phantom Blot to turn all those who are exposed to it into more powerful and evil versions of themselves. It is later revealed that after being split, his consciousness is sent to a neutral dimension, waiting to be returned, where he uses Morgana's powers to cross between the dimensions, where he has one last showdown with Darkwing before being sent back to the neutral dimension. With the removal of "Dangerous Currency" from the comic book canon, Negaduck's as-of-yet unexplained return from being split into particles is featured in the first story arc of the Joe Books ongoing, "Orange is the New Purple", when he enters the St. Canard Penitentiary and puts the prison in lockdown, trapping Darkwing Duck inside with all the villains that he himself had imprisoned.
    • The Negaverse Muddlefoots and Negaverse Launchpad are the evil and cruel versions of Herb, Binkie, and Honker Muddlefoot, and Launchpad who help Negaduck enforce his rule in the Negaverse in the episode "Life, the Negaverse and Everything".[17] After Darkwing teams up with the Friendly Four, these minions are swiftly beaten.[17]Negaverse Tank, unlike the rest of his family, is the only one who is not evil and even helps Darkwing when he gets trapped in the Negaverse.[17] Unlike his counterpart, Negaverse Tank is very smart and seems to care about others.[17] In "Just Us Justice Ducks", Negaduck also employs a helicopter similar in design to the Thunderquack with with his own coloration and sharp teeth.
  • Dr. Reginald Bushroot (voiced by Tino Insana) is a scientist who originally worked at St. Canard University where he tried to integrate plant chloroplasts into animals in an attempt to give people the ability to feed themselves through photosynthesis. After the funding for his research was cut, he used himself as a test subject in an attempt to prove that his theories were correct and thereby to regain his funding.[39] The experiment was a success but with a price – Bushroot was turned into a half-duck/half-shrub mutant.[39] Unlike the other villains of the series, Bushroots isn't motivated to commit crime out of greed or a desire for power, but rather as part of a quest to find or create a companion who won't reject him.[13][39][40] Series creator Tad Stones calls the character "hardly a villain" and said that, given enough time, he would have eventually become a hero.[41] Bushroot uses his newfound control over plants as his main weapon and views them as people. He was the show's earliest recurring supervillain. He is a possible spoof of the Batman villain Poison Ivy.
    • Spike (voiced by Eric Stuart) is Bushroot's pet and assistant. He is a large carnivorous plant loosely resembling a Venus flytrap with a shaggy mop of orange hair (or an orange flower). He behaves much in the manner of a dog, to the point that he likes playing fetch. He makes his first appearance in the episode "Beauty and the Beet".[39] At one point in the episode "The Incredible Bulk", he helps Darkwing Duck and Launchpad escape because he is jealous that Bushroot is paying less attention to him.[42]
    • Posey (voiced by Frank Welker) is a "vampire potato", originally intended to be a wife for Bushroot.[40] However, due to Spike handing him the wrong ingredients, Bushroot accidentally creates a gigantic potato that feeds on the blood of people.[40] Victims of Posey become zombified couch potatoes, doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV and eating potato-based food products.[40] She appears (and is destroyed) in the episode "Night of the Living Spud".[40]
    • Daisy is a giant mutant daisy created by Bushroot's experimental fertilizer in the episode "The Incredible Bulk".[42] Bushroot relies on him so much that Spike grows jealous of him.[42]
    • Hedgy is a monstrous mutant hedge created by Bushroot in the episode "Slime Okay, You're Okay".[13] Hedgy is the result of Bushroot's unsuccessful attempt to create a "friend" for himself.[13] It has a green leafy body with green slime covering the top-half of its body, six arms, two bird-like feet, yellow eyes, and two branches sprouting from above its eyes.[13] It constantly drools and eats various objects.[13] It is apparently unstable, since it later melts into a pool of slime.[13]
  • The Liquidator / Bud Flud (voiced by Jack Angel) is a mutant water/dog creature with the power to assume a viscous form and control water. He was formerly a crooked bottled-water salesman who began poisoning his competitors' supply to try and achieve a monopoly on the city's bottled water business. When Darkwing catches him in the act of pouring a corrosive chemical into a competitor's reservoir, Flud panics and falls in, mutating into the Liquidator. As the Liquidator, he forgets that he fell in and comes to believe that Darkwing pushed him.[43] He constantly talks in advertising-style lingo. Since he is made of water, he and Megavolt do not interact well.[28] He can still move when he is frozen into ice, but he is slower.[43] His weakness is having a hardening substance poured into him, such as concrete or pudding mix.[28][43] Of the members of the Fearsome Five, he is the only one to have just a single standalone episode; creator Tad Stones found the character too "one note," preferring to write episodes for Bushroot or Megavolt.[41]He is a probable spoof of the Spider-Man villain Hydro-Man. The Liquidator also appears in the 2017 reboot of DuckTales, where he is voiced by Corey Burton.
    • The Liquidator's Mascots (voiced by Darleen Carr and B. J. Ward) are a pair of women who appear with the Liquidator in his origin episode "Dry Hard".[43] They were the mascots for Bud Flud's "Sparkling Crystal Pure Flud Water" and later for the Liquidator himself.[43] They dress up as various items (from water bottles to lobsters) and sing catchy tunes that relate to whatever the Liquidator or someone else says.[43] They are a parody of 1950s TV cigarette advertising.[1]
  • Megavolt / Elmo Sputterspark (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is an insane rat with the ability to control electricity. He was a classmate of Darkwing Duck's in high school, where he gained his powers after a bully sabotaged his science experiment. In revenge, Elmo attacked the senior prom in costume and declared his new name to be Megavolt (after learning that his originally-planned name, "Megawatt", was already taken by the band playing that night), spurring Drake Mallard to create the Darkwing Duck persona and defend his classmates.[4] He was creator Tad Stones' favorite villain, and as a result is the most recurrent antagonist in the series and Darkwing's nemesis.[41] Most of his crimes are motivated by the delusional belief that he is helping to "free" electrical devices, which he believes have been enslaved. One episode indicates that Megavolt has committed at least two murders, as Darkwing claims to have twice sent him to the electric chair.[44] Megavolt often refers to Darkwing as either "Darkwing Dork" or "Dorkwing". He shorts out when hit with water, which is a weakness that sometimes leads to his defeat.[6][28][45][46] He is the first villain to learn Darkwing's secret identity but, being insane, forgets what it is by the end of the episode.[4] He is the only member of the Fearsome Five to team up with another member independent of the organization, twice partnering with Quackerjack.[6][47] In the comic story "The Duck Knight Returns", he is forced to briefly retire from super-villainy and get an office job (where he works next to Drake); he finds that he prefers prison to working at Quackwerks. In the episode "The Quiverwing Quack", a partially obscured picture of him is shown on a Public Enemies list, revealing that he is Public Enemy No. 3.[15] He is a possible spoof of the Spider-Man villain Electro. In "Dead Duck" where he thinks he's killed Darkwing Duck, he goes on TV Show promoting his book "Killing Superheroes for Fun and Profit" and even threatens Darkwing Duck TV producers that if not paid enough, he will go to the "you-know-who brothers" (a joking reference to Disney's rivals Warner Bros.). Megavolt also appears in the 2017 version of DuckTales, where he is voiced by Keith Ferguson.
  • Quackerjack (voiced by Michael Bell) is a toymaker who went insane after the advent of video games put him out of business. He wears a harlequin-style jester costume that he is never seen without; notably, he has very little origin story, as a result of creator Tad Stones being disappointed that the character didn't come across as dark in his initial appearance as he'd hoped.[41] Quackerjack is the only one of the series' villains not to have his real name revealed.[41] He is almost never without his trademark doll, Mr. Banana Brain, which Quackerjack treats as a sentient sidekick. His most common toys are mechanical toy chattering teeth of various sizes. He has been known to team up with Megavolt occasionally.[6][47] In the comics by Boom! Studios, Quackerjack becomes a more dangerous villain; hurting from Negaduck destroying Mr. Banana Brain and telling him he is not "mean enough" to be a serious villain, then becoming bitter and angry when he fails to fit in at Quackwerks, and viewing others' success as a "rejection of him", he becomes determined to show "the world he is mean enough", but after a series of more evil crimes, he grows tired of being more evil and turns himself into a toy outside his old girlfriend's house, believing "this is the best I can ever be". He is later brought back by Negaduck's "slime" in the "Dangerous Currency" crossover; however, as this story was published by Boom! Studios without being approved by Disney, the story was declared "non-canon" and was not included in Joe Books' remastering of the Boom! Darkwing material in "The Definitively Dangerous Edition", leaving Quackerjack's fate unknown. His name is a pun on the word "crackerjack". He is an obvious spoof of Batman's nemesis, the Joker, and the Superman villain Toyman. Quackerjack also appears in the 2017 version of DuckTales with Bell reprising his role.
    • Mr. Banana Brain is a banana-headed doll that Quackerjack seems to always have with him. He is not really a character, but the closest thing Quackerjack has to a recurring sidekick, and Quackerjack frequently makes him "talk" via squeaky-voiced ventriloquism. Quackerjack does not realize Banana Brain is a toy and that he is doing his voice. In the episode "The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain", the doll is possessed by the demon Paddywhack.[48] Negaduck deliberately destroyed the doll in the comic "The Duck Knight Returns", and Quackerjack has tried to create replacements. In fact, Quackerjack himself once destroyed Mr. Banana Brain when he used the doll as a bomb in the episode "Whiffle While You Work".[49] However, this version looked different from his other appearances – resembling an unpeeled banana with arms, legs and Groucho Marx-esque glasses, nose and mustache.[49] This self-destructing version was replaced in other episodes with a more stylized version with an overbite, the top of his head peeled open, and dressed in a shirt and shorts.
    • Teddy is a robotic and malicious little teddy bear that serves as Quackerjack's bodyguard and henchman in the episode "Days of Blunder" before being destroyed by a bomb which Darkwing fires from his gas gun.[50]
    • Terror Teddy is a giant robotic teddy bear that Quackerjack uses to terrorize St. Canard in the episode "Days of Blunder".[50]
    • Giant Crying Crissy Doll is a gigantic robotic crying doll with which Quackerjack tries to flood "Whiffle Town" with a deluge of tears in the episode "Whiffle While You Work" until he and the doll are defeated by Gosalyn.[49]
    • Mr. History Doll is an egghead talking doll, and one of Quackerjack's most ingenious torture devices, which endlessly repeats useless historical facts in the episode "Toys Czar Us".[51]
    • Mr. Trivia Buff is an egghead talking doll, and another one of Quackerjack's most ingenious torture devices, which endlessly repeats useless facts about a variety of subjects in the episode "Quack of Ages".[22] He looks identical to Mr. History Doll, but has a higher-pitched voice and talks about a broader range of subjects beyond just history.[22]

F.O.W.L. Edit

F.O.W.L. (The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny) is a terrorist organization (similar to S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming). F.O.W.L. was originally introduced in the DuckTales episode "Double-O-Duck" as the "Foreign Organization for World Larceny".[29] F.O.W.L. antagonizes Darkwing Duck on different occasions. The group was also referenced in the premier of the 2017 DuckTales.

  • The High Command consists of the three commanders of F.O.W.L. Whether appearing individually or all together, they are always hidden in the shadows and their true names are never mentioned in the show. The ones that usually talk are the one with a big head and fangs and the one with a hunched back. The one wearing the oversized hat never talks. It also appears that they are anthropomorphic birds. According to Steelbeak, they fed his predecessor through six trash compactors when he failed them.[52] In the Boom! Studios comics, the rise of Quackwerks decimated F.O.W.L. and a disgruntled High Command compensated by trying to summon the demon Duckthulhu.
  • Steelbeak (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the chief agent of F.O.W.L. He is second-in-command and team leader of F.O.W.L. He is one of Darkwing Duck's nemesis. He is a suave and urbane rooster who acts like a 1920s gangster. He gets his name from the metal beak he wears in place of his original one which was apparently lost sometime before the events of the show, though it is not revealed how. This trademark beak also serves as a cutting tool and weapon because it can bite through almost anything (similar to Jaws, a recurring James Bond villain).[11][35][53]
    • Fang is a robotic bear working for Steelbeak in the episode "Bearskin Thug".[54]
  • Ammonia Pine (voiced by Mitzi McCall) is a former cleaning lady who worked at a research lab and accidentally inhaled the fumes of an experimental bathroom disinfectant, which had the strange effect of turning her into a cleaning-obsessed villain.[30] She was later recruited by F.O.W.L. for their dastardly plans.[30] She hates and even fears dirt.[30][52][55] She has a sister named Ample Grime, who is also a F.O.W.L. agent.[55]
  • Ample Grime (voiced by Ellen Gerstell) is Ammonia Pine's messy, dirt-loving sister.[55] No origin story is given for why she loves messes so much; however, it may be due to her sister's obsessive cleaning. She hates and fears cleanliness as much as Ammonia hates dirt, which proves to be a problem when the two are required to team up.[55]
  • Major Synapse (voiced by John Stephenson) is a typical R. Lee Ermey-type military man who appears in the episode "Heavy Mental".[32] He once sent a group of F.O.W.L. soldiers into an erupting volcano so it could be "secured".[32] He steals S.H.U.S.H.'s "Norma Ray" and uses it to turn his useless hippie underlings into super-powered psychictroops.[32] His own stupidity eventually causes his underlings "Hotshot" and "Flygirl" to be flattened by an anvil which they are last seen crawling out from under.[32] He later uses the Norma Ray on himself, which causes him to turn into a giant head with a giant brain that has major psychic abilities.[32] He explodes when Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, and Gosalyn overload him with questions while shooting him with the Norma Ray.[32] Synapse is one of only a few characters to ever die onscreen in the series. In the comic story "F.O.W.L. Disposition", Hotshot and Flygirl briefly reappear as F.O.W.L. agents under Ammonia Pine's command, but end up defeating themselves when Honker tricks them into getting crushed by an anvil again.
    • Hotshot (voiced by Danny Mann) is one of Major Synapse's hippie underlings who is turned into a super psychic by the Norma Ray.[32] He controls both fire and ice.[32]
    • Flygirl (voiced by Teresa Ganzel) is one of Major Synapse's hippie underlings who is turned into a super psychic by the Norma Ray.[32] She can move things with her mind and can also fly.[32]
  • Eggmen are F.O.W.L. foot-soldiers, who are instantly recognizable by their white, egg-shaped helmets.

Other villains Edit

  • Taurus Bulba (voiced by Tim Curry) is a bull who is shown to be a ruthless and extremely dangerous major criminal and supervillain in St. Canard.[5][10][56] He is the main villain of the pilot episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck".[5][10] He is one of the few villains implied to have committed murder, specifically of Gosalyn's grandfather Professor Waddlemeyer (although it was his underlings who actually carried out the deed, which was botched since Bulba had ordered them to obtain information from Waddlemeyer, which they failed to do before killing him).[10] He is the first major villain that Darkwing fights against and defeats,[5][10] although only after Bulba proves willing to destroy himself in order to try to kill Darkwing in the process.[5] Though he was believed to have perished in the explosion of Canard Tower,[5] he is later revived by F.O.W.L. in the episode "Steerminator" in order to make him their new major agent after Steelbeak oversees his reconstruction as a cyborg, but Bulba refuses to work for them and attacks the F.O.W.L. personnel with his new weapons.[56] He then attempts to get revenge on Darkwing Duck, but is once again defeated.[56] (Had "Darkwing Duck" been renewed for another season, there would have been an episode with Darkwing Duck, Taurus Bulba and an African version of Darkwing Duck). He comes back as the chief villain in the comic story "The Duck Knight Returns", launching a secret corporate takeover of St. Canard and ruling it behind the scenes for a year before he is exposed. Among his new objectives in this comic is his desire to give St. Canard a new kind of villain, since he considers the other villains too unprofessional. His name appears to be a reference to Nikolai Gogol's hero Taras Bulba, and the Latin word for "bull".
    • Hammerhead Hannigan (voiced by Hal Rayle in "Darkly Dawns the Duck", Tad Stones in "In Like Blunt") is a goat who is Bulba's lead henchman.[5][10] Hammerhead is a surly goat wearing a pinstriped suit who talks and acts like a stereotypical 1930s gangster.[5][10] His gimmick is that he uses his head as a blunt object to head-butt his enemies.[5][10] He appears to be based on the Marvel Comics villain of the same name, although a Three Stooges reference suggests he may also have been inspired by Shemp Howard's character named Hammerhead in The Invisible Woman. His choice of attack, head-butting, may also be based on actual male goat behavior as a show of aggression and dominance. It is strongly implied that he (along with Hoof and Mouth) killed Professor Waddlemeyer (Gosalyn's grandfather) against Bulba's orders.[10] Of Bulba's henchmen, Hammerhead is the only one who went on to appear in a third episode; he is shown briefly in the episode "In Like Blunt" in which he physically threatens Phineas Sharp after the list of S.H.U.S.H. agents that Sharp was going to sell to him is replaced with a grocery list.[34]
    • Hoof and Mouth (the talking ram is voiced by Eddie Deezen) are Bulba's lackeys – a mute donkey and a ram.[5][10] It is unclear which one is Hoof and which is Mouth,[5][10]although it is sometimes agreed upon by fans that Hoof is the silent donkey and Mouth is the talkative ram voiced by Eddie Deezen. The donkey is lanky and bucktoothed with red hair and a green fedora, and is possibly the least intelligent of Bulba's group.[5][10] Both characters wear bowties and are exceptionally clumsy, and are often physically abused by Hammerhead.[5][10] The donkey is apparently a mute since he never says a single word, apart from the occasional grunt.[5][10] Slightly smarter than the donkey is the ram, who wears a red bowtie and a driving cap.[5][10] Whereas the donkey is always silent, the ram, conversely, has an apparent speech impediment which makes him talk very rapidly and repeat almost everything he says.[5][10] He is the smallest member of Bulba's group,[5][10] yet still bigger than Darkwing as seen during his confrontation with him on board Taurus' airship.[5] Their combined names are a pun on hoof-and-mouth disease. It is strongly implied that they (along with Hammerhead) killed Professor Waddlemeyer (Gosalyn's grandfather) against Bulba's orders.[10]
    • Clovis (voiced by Marcia Wallace) is a blonde cow who is Bulba's personal secretary.[5][10]
    • Tanalus is Bulba'st pet vulture, who participates in his master's schemes.[5][10] His name is a possible reference to the Greek mythological figure Tantalus.
  • Negaduck (negatron version) (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a prototype-version of Negaduck who is the embodied evil half of Darkwing Duck made entirely of negatrons, and created by Megavolt's tron-splitter device when it splits Darkwing's positrons from his negatrons in the episode "Negaduck".[37] Like the main version of Negaduck, this version is evil and malicious, as well as sadistic and often uses weapons to terrorize people and commit crimes.[37] He later becomes galvanized (becoming a powerful being of negative energy with intentions to destroy everything he comes across).[37] This also has the effect of giving him the ability to project beams of pure negatronic energy that destroy everything in their path.[37] Visually, the galvanized Negaduck is surrounded by a blue aura and resembles a negative photocopy of Darkwing.[37] However, he is forced to fight Posiduck who is also galvanized.[37] In the end, he is remerged with Posiduck, thus bringing Darkwing back to normal.[37] He is not to be confused with the main version of Negaduck.
  • Tuskernini (voiced by Kenneth Mars) is a walrus and an ego-driven film director whose schemes are built around films and filmmaking. He travels with a cadre of silent yet efficient penguin sidekicks. One interesting characteristic of him is that he often plays dumb, pretending that he is either reformed or not doing anything wrong, only to reveal his schemes when the heroes are out of his way.[57][58] His name is a reference to famed conductor Arturo Toscanini, though the resemblance ends there.
    • The Zombie is a fictional chainsaw-wielding zombie whom Tuskernini brings to life from the theatrical movie screen so that he can help Tuskernini commit crimes in the episode "Film Flam".[59]
    • The Snake-Eyed Kid is a fictional western gunfighter whom Tuskernini brings to life from the theatrical movie screen so that he can help Tuskernini commit crimes in the episode "Film Flam".[59]
    • Mongo from Mars is a fictional Martian octopus-like creature whom Tuskernini brings to life from the theatrical movie screen so that he can help Tuskernini commit crimes in the episode "Film Flam".[59]
    • Fleabeard is a fictional pirate whom Tuskernini brings to life from the theatrical movie screen so that he can kill Darkwing for Tuskernini in the episode "Film Flam".[59]
    • Kongo (pronounced "Konjo") is a fictional giant gorilla and a parody of King Kong whom Tuskernini brings to life from the theatrical movie screen so that he can help Tuskernini commit crimes in the episode "Film Flam".[59] However, Tuskernini is unable to maintain control of Kongo, who later kidnaps Gosalyn and carries her to the top of a skyscraper.[59]
  • Professor Moliarty (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a mush-mouthed mole who hatches schemes to take over or destroy the surface world.[60][61] He is first introduced to the main characters in the episode "That Sinking Feeling", in which he tries to put the surface world into an eternal darkness so that the moles can invade and conquer it.[60] In the episode "Aduckyphobia", he plans to use a giant wind-generating machine to wipe out all the surface dwellers on the planet so that only those living underground (such as the moles) will survive.[61] He has several mole henchmen working for him.[60][61] He makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the episode "Kung Fooled".[62] His name is a reference to Sherlock Holmes nemesis James Moriarty and his persona may be inspired by Marvel Comics' Mole Man.
  • Jambalaya Jake (voiced by Michael Gough) is a short criminal with an alligator sidekick named Gumbo.[63][64] Jake and Gumbo both come from the bayou, and Jake speaks with a Cajun accent most reminiscent of Cajuns in the New Orleans, Louisiana locale.[63][64] Jake and Gumbo first appear in the episode "Can't Bayou Love".[63] They reappear in the episode "Double Darkwings" in which they attempt to get even with Darkwing using a potion Jake receives from his grandmother.[64]
    • Gumbo (voiced by Jim Cummings) is Jambalaya Jake's alligator henchman.[63][64]
  • Beelzebub, a.k.a. the Devil or Lucifer (voiced by Marty Ingels), is the ruler of Hell and the corruptor of souls who first appears in Darkwing's dream and briefly in reality in the episode "Dead Duck" (in which he is referred to as "the Devil" and "Lucifer"),[65] and then for a real battle in the episode "Hot Spells" (in which he is referred to as "Beelzebub").[66] In both those episodes, he mentions that he would love to acquire Darkwing's soul, since it would look good on his resume.[65][66] In addition, two of his demon minions briefly appear near the end of the episode "A Star Is Scorned", in which they are accountants for "Dizzy Studios".[8]
  • The Brainteasers are hat-shaped aliens that take over host bodies by sticking on their heads.[67][68] They then completely control the host, give it incredible strength, and use it to talk with their own voices instead of the host's voice.[67][68] They come from the planet Fez (which is shaped like a fez),[68] and subsist on metal which they force their hosts to eat.[67][68]
    • Flarg (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a bowler hat alien and the deposed ruler of a space empire.[67][68] For a time, he was the "Grand High Potentate of a thousand planets in the Delphonic Nebula" before he was deposed by revolutionaries.[67] He is a ruthless leader who loves planetary destruction.[67][68] After his ship crash lands on Earth, he uses Honker and Gosalyn as hosts.[67] He later attempts to conquer the planet but is ultimately foiled by Honker and arrested by good hat aliens known as the "Girdist Revolutionaries".[67] He later returns and uses Binkie as a host in his attempt at revenge on Honker, but is again defeated and captured.[68]
    • Barada (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a Stetson cowboy hat alien and a minion of Flarg who is with him on both visits to Earth.[67][68] On their first visit, he uses Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck) as a host.[67] On their second visit, he uses Honker as a host.[68] Barada's name is likely a reference to the famous phrase "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
    • Nikto (voiced by Frank Welker) is a newsboy cap alien and a minion of Flarg who is with him on both visits to Earth and uses Launchpad as a host during both visits.[67][68] He has a constant hunger for metal which occasionally leads him to consume important items.[67][68] He is also a lot less bright than the others.[67][68] Like Barada, Nikto's name is likely a reference to the famous phrase "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
    • Taleya (voiced by Susan Tolsky) is a female wide-brimmed fedora alien and love interest of Flarg.[68] She is introduced in the episode "The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!", in which she breaks Flarg and his two minions out of prison with a cake baked into a file (a pun on a file baked into a cake) after they were incarcerated by the Girdist Revolutionaries.[68] She then joins them in their attempt to get revenge on Honker.[68] After they arrive on Earth, she uses Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck) as a host.[68]
  • Splatter Phoenix (voiced by Dani Staahl in "A Brush with Oblivion", Andrea Martin in "Paint Misbehavin'") is a rejected artist known for her pompous speech.[16][69] For example, in the episode "Paint Misbehavin'", she proclaims herself a "daringly innovative pseudo-anti-neo-postmodern deconstructionist".[16] Her chief tool and weapon is a brush covered with paint that can allow her to enter paintings and animate them,[69] or even to paint wholly new (and usually surreal-looking) creatures that help her in the real world.[16] At first, she relies on chemical compounds in her paint that allow her to change, animate, control, and enter paintings, as well as to briefly allow an element of a painting (the Mona Lisa's smile) to be removed from its painting and to exist and be animated in the real world.[69] However, she later upgrades to using "quantum mechanical brushes" which allow her to paint things and life forms in the real world as well as to alter the architectural structure of a building.[16] She first appears in the episode "A Brush with Oblivion", in which Darkwing Duck and company attempt to stop her from stealing the Mona Lisa's smile.[69] This episode features a number of clever parodies of works by famous artists such as Grant Wood, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso.[69] She appears again in the episode "Paint Misbehavin'", in which she makes it her personal mission to "correct" every "wrong" piece of art in St. Canard and, if possible, to steal a profit along the way.[16] Along with Major Synapse, she is one of only a few characters to ever die onscreen in the series, as she is melted/dissolved by turpentine, thus revealing that she is made out of paint.[16] When pondering how Phoenix could have been made of paint, Launchpad suggests that she, along with the entire universe of the TV series, is actually animated/painted by "some greater being".[16]
    • Surreal Man is a surreal-looking humanoid creature whom Splatter Phoenix brings to life in the real world using her paintbrush in order to battle Darkwing and his friends in the episode "Paint Misbehavin'".[16] He uses an umbrella as a weapon, which engulfs and neutralizes opponents.[16] He is defeated when Launchpad uses Splatter Phoenix's paintbrush to bring a comic book character named Frankie Ferret to life, who then befriends and pacifies Surreal Man.[16] The two then leave the area while holding hands.[16]
  • Dr. Fossil (voiced by Barry Gordon) is an anthropomorphic pterosaur and the creator of Stegmutt.[23] Dr. Fossil was a paleontologist who worked at the natural history museum in St. Canard until, for reasons best known to himself, he turned himself into a prehistoric reptile using his invention, the Retro-Evolution Gun.[23] He later did the same to Stegmutt, the museum janitor, and Stegmutt became his unwitting henchman.[23] It is not known precisely why Fossil de-evolved himself into a pterosaur, but his new form made him an outcast among the people of St. Canard, and he began to resent their stares, jeers, and cries of "Look! It's Godzilla!"[23] He also began to see that, to modern people, dinosaurs were nothing but a source of entertainment and amusement.[23] Fossil uses his Retro-Evolution Gun to turn several people into dinosaurs and plots to use a comet to destroy mankind so that dinosaurs would once again be the dominant life-forms on the planet, but his plan is foiled by the efforts of Darkwing, Honker, and Stegmutt.[23]
  • Phineas Sharp (voiced by Jonathan Harris) is a vulture criminal and the most dangerous villain in the history of S.H.U.S.H. who appears in the episode "In Like Blunt".[34] It took super spy Derek Blunt to defeat him.[34] He eventually returns for revenge, stealing a list of S.H.U.S.H.'s agents, killing some agents as proof that he possesses the list, and trying to sell the list off to the highest bidder.[34] He sends a ransom note to S.H.U.S.H., saying that he wants all the tea in China.[34] He invites a number of other villains — including Flintheart Glomgold, the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, Steelbeak and Ammonia Pine of F.O.W.L., and Hammerhead Hannigan, among others — to his resort to auction off the list for millions of dollars.[34] His scheme is foiled by Darkwing Duck and Blunt, who switch the real list with a grocery list.[34]
    • Horatio (voiced by Jim Cummings) is Sharp's short falcon assistant.[34]
  • Isis Vanderchill (voiced by Sheryl Bernstein) is a duck with ice powers who appears in the episode "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War".[70] She is the owner of the Vanderchill Ice Factory who was formerly called the "Ice Queen of St. Canard".[70] She was vain and did not want to age, so she underwent an experiment to freeze her face in order to prevent the effects of aging, but it went wrong and froze her blood instead.[70] As a result, she gained remarkable cold-related powers, but can never experience the warmth that she desires.[70] Because of this, she uses a swarm of "firebugs" to melt all the gold in the banks of St. Canard in order to use it as a "reflecto" paint that can be sprayed on the whole city, which will reflect enough sunlight to keep her warm all year long, but will make the city unlivable for anyone else.[70] She also is romantically attracted to Darkwing and repeatedly flirts with him, much to his annoyance.[70] In the end, Darkwing uses her own snow blower against her, turning her into a frozen snow-duck who is later arrested.[70] In the Joe Books ongoing, she is accidentally thawed from her frozen state during Negaduck's attack on the St. Canard Penitentiary and, after updating herself with a new hairstyle and ice-formed dress (resembling that of Elsa from Disney's Frozen), resumes her advances on Darkwing, but is foiled. Later, when Negaduck and Liquidator attempt to float all the villains out of the prison by raising the water levels, Darkwing stops them by throwing Isis into the water, flash-freezing everybody and ending Negaduck's plan.
  • "The King" (voiced by Patrick Pinney) is an Elvis impersonator and a criminal gang leader who takes over St. Canard after Darkwing and Gosalyn accidentally go back in time and change past events so that Drake's younger self joined the King's gang and helped rob a music store, starting Drake down the road to crime in the episode "Paraducks".[3] The King's guitar (which he calls "Cecile") is able to break things with its sound waves, which is useful when he commits crimes.[3]
    • Lamont (voiced by Candi Milo) is the King's younger brother and a schoolmate of young Drake Mallard who often bullied him.[3] Both as a child and as an adult in the changed future, he is a member of his brother's gang.[3]
    • Boxcar is a fox and a member of the King's gang.[3]
  • Lilliput Gooney (voiced by Frank Welker) is the owner of the miniature golf course "Gooney Golf", and uses a strange hat to communicate with and control ants in the episode "Getting Antsy".[12] With his ant minions and his trusty shrink ray, he begins turning St. Canard's monuments into miniature props for his golf course.[12] This is essentially his modus operandi, as well as collecting some cash along the way.[12] He is defeated when he shrinks Darkwing down to the size of a germ, and Darkwing "infects" him.[12]Apparently, symptoms of Darkwing-itus include one's face turning green and spotted, as well as uncontrollable sneezing.[12]
  • The Bugmaster / Bianca Beakley (voiced by April Winchell) is a newscaster for the news program "Canard Copy" and Gosalyn's role model in the episode "Fraudcast News".[71]To boost ratings, Bianca becomes a villain and starts to commit crimes with a distinctive insect theme (such as kidnapping a famous cockroach performer and stealing a valuable golden beetle from a museum).[71] Furthermore, her weapons and equipment also have bug-related themes (such as a bug-themed armored suit, a rocket-pack resembling a beetle, a ray gun called the "Wasp's Sting", and a sound gun called the "Sonic Cricket's Chirp Blaster").[71] For a time, she convinces Gosalyn to become her sidekick under the alias of "the Grub".[71] She is eventually defeated and loses her job as a reporter.[71]
  • Darkwarrior Duck (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a version of Darkwing Duck from an alternate future created when Gosalyn went missing (actually time-traveling to the future) in the episode "Time and Punishment".[6] He first grew despondent over his apparent loss, then tougher and more obsessive over crime fighting.[6] He eventually made St. Canard crime-free with extremely ruthless methods (it is implied that he has killed people), alienating Launchpad and taking over the whole city.[6] His maniacal crusade led him to become a virtual dictator that, aided by robot minions, enforces extremely strict laws (even jaywalking is punished severely).[6] When Gosalyn reappeared in this future, he was overjoyed to be reunited with her, but when she went against him for what he had become Darkwarrior considered her an enemy, and almost killed her (although he could not bring himself to do it).[6] This timeline was erased when Gosalyn returned to the present.[6] Darkwarrior appears again in the comic book arc "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" as one of the alternate Darkwings; he is also given an oblique reference when Darkwing, running for Mayor of St. Canard and still reeling from the disappearance of Morgana, briefly considers to use every method to keep people safe and prevent such losses (echoing Darkwarrior's twisted mentality). {Interestingly it is the insane version of Darkwing Duck who takes over and rules St. Canard with an iron fist-something Negaduck can never do!}
  • Paddywhack (voiced by Phil Hartman) is a supernatural entity who inhabits a haunted jack-in-the-box, and is capable of possessing inanimate objects and imbuing them with his will in the episode "The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain".[48] He manages to get out of his jack-in-the-box and possesses Quackerjack's doll Mr. Banana Brain for a time.[48]Paddywhack feeds off of people's negative emotions caused by pranks, and often urges others to "play" with him, enticing them to join him in his various acts of mischief.[48] In the end, Darkwing has to team up with Quackerjack in order to defeat him.[48] Paddywhack makes another appearance in the comic "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings". His name is a reference to "paddywhack".
  • Weasel Lowman (voiced by Brian Cummings) is a former colleague and fellow salesman of Herb Muddlefoot who worked at Quackerware Products and who appears in the episode "The Merchant of Menace".[19] He was fired from his job for being a disgrace to Quackerware's salesmen corp.[19] Using a machine to turn the Quackerware products into robotic beings, he sells them while disguised as Herb.[19] The products then ransack the customers' homes, steal their valuable belongings, and hand them over to Weasel.[19] S.H.U.S.H. targets Herb as the prime suspect in the rash of home burglaries.[19] With the help of Herb, Darkwing is able to uncover Weasel's scam and clear Herb's name.[19] Weasel Lowman's name and character are a play on the fictional salesman Willy Loman.
  • Ordinary Guy (voiced by Ron Palillo) is a human-like native of the planet Mertz who appears in the episode "Planet of the Capes".[36] His name derives from the fact that he is the only person on Mertz who does not have superpowers.[36] As Mertz's only normal person, Ordinary Guy was constantly being "rescued" by his neighbors from "dangerous" situations.[36] He eventually grew tired of this and disappeared, prompting the heroes to seek out Comet Guy's old friend Darkwing Duck as a replacement.[36] In reality, Ordinary Guy had taken on a supervillain persona, Not-So-Ordinary Guy, and acquired a large ray gun which is able to steal the superpowers from Mertz's heroes.[36] He then turns the device on himself, absorbing all of the stolen powers and becoming huge and muscular.[36] In this form, he renames himself Extraordinary Guy.[36] Darkwing, already lacking powers, uses the machine on himself and becomes big enough to battle Extraordinary Guy.[36] The two fight and eventually grow so huge that they stand astride Mertz itself and use surrounding planets and stars as weapons.[36] The battle ends when Darkwing reverses the machine against Extraordinary Guy but not himself, thus turning the villain back into a normal, powerless person.[36] Ordinary Guy almost goes spinning helplessly off into space, but he is rescued at the last second by Darkwing, who tells him that a true hero saves the villain.[36]
  • Cement Head / Swindlin' Swine (voiced by Jesse Corti) is an evil mutant pig who appears in the episode "Mutantcy on the Bouncy".[72] After his father fell into a pool of wet cement, he was born a cement mutant.[72] Disowned by his parents, he turned to crime in order to financially support himself, and became a supervillain in St. Canard.[72] He also disguised himself as a normal pig and gained a reputation as a respected business owner – he adopted the persona of "Swindlin' Swine" as a cover in order to be accepted within society.[72]
  • Camille Chameleon (voiced by Veronica Taylor) is a duck who has the ability to transform her appearance, shape, and size in the episode "Calm a Chameleon".[73] Originally a girl who could never fit in anywhere, Camille spent her time studying biology and became obsessed with chameleons and their ability to fit in anywhere.[73] She managed to extract the chameleon's essence and implemented it in herself, giving her fantastic transforming abilities and apparently a lizard-like tail.[73] She also speaks with a hissing voice.[73] She has taken to counterfeiting money in order to gain more wealth so she can move out of the cave in which she has been living.[73] Darkwing defeats Camille when Honker turns up the heat in the room, causing her metabolism to speed up.[73] She loses control of her shape-shifting powers and assumes many different forms until she finally breaks down and is turned into an actual chameleon.[73] She later appears in the Boom! Studios comics working for Magica De Spell. In the Joe Books ongoing, Camille disguises herself as Launchpad during Negaduck's takeover of the St. Canard Penitentiary and tries to fool Darkwing, but is exposed when Darkwing tricks her into reading a book full of words starting with the letter S to exploit her hissing habit. When Camille then tries to crush Darkwing, he defeats her by slapping self-heating medical pads on her, causing her to overheat again and melt down into a helpless blob.
  • Wacko (voiced by Hal Rayle) is an alien criminal who seeks to destroy the universe using explosives called "seismospheres" in the episode "When Aliens Collide".[74] He is a member of a species capable of altering their body structure.[74] In his "normal" form he is small and cute, but he can cause himself to grow huge and muscular and can also stretch his body out.[74] While in the custody of extraterrestrial legal authorities, he was fitted with a collar that prevented him from bulking up, and also from speaking.[74] Wacko escaped custody, acquired the seismospheres, and fled to Earth, where he is found by Drake, Gosalyn, Honker, and Tank coming home from the theater.[74] He is adopted by Gosalyn as a pet, and with her help he is able to evade arrest by Captain Big Nasty of the Outer Space Patrol, get the restrictive collar off, and reacquire the seismospheres which had been found and kept by Tank who mistook them for jawbreakers.[74] When confronted by Darkwing and Big Nasty, Wacko threatens to use the seismospheres, but he is stopped by the combined forces of Gosalyn, Darkwing, and Big Nasty.[74]
  • Major Trenchrot (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a major with whom Darkwing Duck and company meet on a jungle island in the episode "Apes of Wrath".[75] At first, it seems that he is the owner of a "banana plantation" and that he is hunting the island's gorillas because they are stealing his "banana crates".[75] In reality, however, the crates contain weapons and he is planning to build a vacation resort for villains, and for that he needs to eliminate all the gorillas since they are stealing his weapons and living on the island that he wants to turn into his resort.[75] His plans are ruined by Darkwing Duck, with help from the gorillas.[75]
  • Bleeb (voiced by Jess Harnell) is an alien who plots to take control of the galaxy by controlling Launchpad in the episode "U.F. Foe".[76] Since Launchpad is to marry Tia, the queen of the galaxy, and will thus have influence on her, Bleeb plots to replace Launchpad's brain with a computer he controls so that he can be the power behind the throne.[76]He conducts a test by replacing Darkwing's brain with the computer.[76] He has the ability to telekinetically move things with his mind and hand gestures.[76] In the end, he is de-evolved into a fish.[76]
  • The Mutant Space Cabbages are a mutated alien race of cabbages who attempt to conquer Earth in the episode "Twin Beaks".[77] They were originally crops farmed by a race of alien cows from the planet Larson, but mutated into intelligent beings due to a radiation leak on a farm colony and fled to Earth where they began to replace people with clones in order to take over the planet.[77] They are eventually defeated by the alien cows, with help from Darkwing and Bushroot.[77]
  • The board of directors for MacCawber's Mushrooms Unlimited is the governing body of the only mushroom-producing company in St. Canard, which is headed by Morgana MacCawber, who serves as the company's president and chairperson of the board in the episode "Fungus Amongus".[25] In addition to Morgana, the board is composed of four creepy-looking members.[25] Together, they conspire to steal pizza toppings in order to grow a crop of mushrooms that taste like a complete pizza but without the manufacturing costs associated with pizza production, and thereby to gain control of the entire pizza industry.[25] After Morgana splits from them and helps Darkwing destroy the mushroom crop, the four evil board members are defeated when they turn into mushrooms due to exposure to sunlight.[25]
    • Lady Janus is a member of the board of directors for MacCawber's Mushrooms Unlimited.[25] She has greenish skin/fur and can switch her appearance and voice from being attractive to ugly and back.[25] Her name and the dual nature of her appearance are possible references to the Roman god Janus.
    • "Granny" is a member of the board of directors for MacCawber's Mushrooms Unlimited.[25] She is an elderly cave-duck armed with a club.[25] Morgana refers to her as "Granny", though it is unclear whether she is really her grandmother.[25]
    • Nero is a member of the board of directors for MacCawber's Mushrooms Unlimited.[25] He is a bluish-colored pig with sharp teeth.[25] Morgana refers to him as "Uncle Nero", though it is unclear whether he is really her uncle.[25] His name is a possible reference to the Roman emperor Nero.
    • "Renfield" is a member of the board of directors for MacCawber's Mushrooms Unlimited.[25] He is a tall and rigid figure who is the leader of the group when Morgana is absent and after she splits from them.[25] Darkwing calls him "Renfield" once (a reference to the Dracula character Renfield), but it is unclear if that is his real name.[25]
  • Jock Newbody (voiced by Hamilton Camp) is a former fitness guru and body builder who became obsessed with extending his life and regaining his youth in the episode "You Sweat Your Life".[18] He is the owner of a health club called the "Hale and Hearty House of Health".[18] Turning to mystic and arcane practices such as 17-hour avocado and kiwi baths, Jock was able to live to the age of 122 while retaining much of his strength.[18] Then he somehow managed to perfect a formula for a true fountain of youth.[18] It only needed one last ingredient – the feather of a true hero (otherwise the effects would cause Jock to gain the tendencies and attributes of whosoever the feather belonged to).[18]Gaining Darkwing's feather allows Jock to succeed in his dream of regaining his young adult body, but his decision to betray his henchmen and interference from Darkwing and Herb ends with him trapped in the body of an infant.[18]
    • Slim and Flex (voiced by Brenda Vaccaro and Rob Paulsen respectively) are Jock Newbody's underlings.[18] Slim is shorter, heavier, and the stereotypical slave driving personal trainer.[18] Flex is taller, thinner, and pretty stupid, with a habit of repeating himself.[18] The two work as Jock's henchmen and trainers at his fitness center, using their bodybuilding abilities in both cases.[18] However, once Jock regains his youth, he tries to blow them up along with Darkwing for knowing about his elixir.[18] This causes them to turn against him and try to take the elixir for themselves.[18] In the end, they too have their age reverted to infancy like their boss.[18]
  • Nodoff (voiced by Neil Ross) is the ruler of Dream World and one-time partner-in-crime with Morgana MacCawber in the episode "Ghoul of My Dreams".[26] In his normal form, he is a short creature with green skin, long pointy ears, and red eyes, although he can change his form and size.[26] He provides Morgana with sleep sand in order to help her in her efforts to steal so she can use the loot to pay off her student loans.[26] Unbeknownst to her, Nodoff's real plan is to make all the people of St. Canard sleep forever.[26] He is defeated when Darkwing uses the sleep sand to send him to the real world where he lacks the powers that he has in Dream World.[26]
  • Johnny T. Rex (voiced by Chick Vennera) is a Tyrannosaurus rex and the leader of a motorcycle gang who are bullying and threatening prehistoric scientists in the episode "Extinct Possibility".[78] He is defeated when Darkwing (who traveled back in time) challenges him and his gang to a motorcycle race.[78] In the end, he is encased in amber.[78]
    • Throttle and Mudflap are Johnny T. Rex's associates.[78] Throttle is a thin orange Tyrannosaurus rex with a shaggy mop of hair that covers his eyes, and who wears a vest and scarf.[78] Mudflap is a bulky red Tyrannosaurus rex who wears a green motorcycle helmet.[78]
  • Heatwave (red; voiced by Pamela Adlon), Lightwave (yellow; voiced by Elizabeth Daily), and Radiowave (green) are three evil energy beings that are created when Gosalyn is accidentally shot with a weapon that Darkwing receives from S.H.U.S.H. in the episode "The Frequency Fiends".[79] All three resemble Gosalyn, and represent the three worst aspects of her personality – anger (Heatwave), a fondness for irresponsible fun (Lightwave), and a big ego (Radiowave).[79] Their names represent their respective powers, which are based on three different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum – Heatwave controls heat waves, Lightwave controls light waves, and Radiowave controls radio waves.[79] In the end, Darkwing has to team up with Megavolt in order to defeat them.[79]
  • D-2000, a.k.a. Dee or Didi (voiced by Victoria Carroll), is a supercomputer that Darkwing receives from S.H.U.S.H. in the episode "Star Crossed Circuits".[80] The computer is so efficient that she takes over all of the tasks that Launchpad and Darkwing usually do, and prevents Gosalyn from playing her usual pranks.[80] In response, Gosalyn and Honker decide to reprogram her while introducing her to a soap opera called The Young and the Brainless (a parody of The Young and the Restless).[80] This backfires, however, since it makes the D-2000 fall in love with Darkwing, much to his annoyance.[80] When Darkwing tells the computer that he has had enough and that he is going to shut her down, she goes into a broken-hearted rage and tries to punish and kill Darkwing.[80] Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker eventually find out that the D-2000 thinks she is a character from the soap opera, and they use this information to distract her before shutting her off.[80]
  • The Appliances are a group of four electrical devices that are brought to life by Megavolt after he is shocked by his new "power-transfer generator" device in the episode "A Revolution in Home Appliances".[45] At first, they help Megavolt in his efforts to bring more appliances to life so that they can take over St. Canard under his leadership.[45]However, they eventually question their need for Megavolt as their leader, and decide to hold Megavolt captive and plug him into the city's new power generator in order to bring all the appliances in the city to life so they can start a revolution against their owners and take over the city for themselves.[45] Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Honker eventually use their ingenuity to defeat the appliances and turn them back to normal.[45]
    • The Refrigerator (voiced by Neil Ross) is the first appliance that Megavolt brings to life.[45] He has the ability to freeze people and objects with his breath.[45]
    • The Television Set (voiced by S. Scott Bullock) speaks in impressions of several well-known TV personalities including Desi Arnaz, Johnny Carson, Jack Nicholson, William Buckley, Pee-wee Herman, and Walter Cronkite.[45]
    • The Electric Guitar (voiced by Brian George) belongs to Honker, and is accidentally brought to life by a stray power surge from Megavolt.[45] He speaks like a British rock musician with a Cockney accent.[45]
    • The Hooded Hair Dryer Chair (voiced by Marilyn Lightstone) is accidentally brought to life by Megavolt's failed attempt to bring a dangerous-looking multipurpose power tool to life.[45] This is due to the fact that both she and the power tool were connected to the same electrical socket.[45]
  • The Chicanerous Cheese Gang is a group of five mouse criminals who use cheese guns as weapons and whose leader is voiced by Charlie Adler.[71][80] They are minor villains who appear in the episodes "Star Crossed Circuits" and "Fraudcast News".[71][80]
  • Newt Blemmer (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a uniformed security guard for A. F. Erret Studios, the first husband of actress Gloria Swansong, and one of the "phantoms" sabotaging the making of films at the studio in the episode "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan".[57] His true identity is only revealed near the end of the episode, when he foils Tuskernini's scheme and is about to kill Tuskernini, Darkwing, and various other characters before being defeated when Darkwing uses his gas gun against him.[57]
  • Dr. Slug is a massive, villainous Jabba-like slug who is only seen in one episode and the opening teasers; he never had a major role in any episode, although he does appear briefly at the beginning of the episode "Inside Binkie's Brain".[81] A picture of him is seen on a Public Enemies list in the episode "The Quiverwing Quack".[15] Negaduck complains that although Dr. Slug could not get himself out of a paper bag, Dr. Slug is Public Enemy No. 1, a fact that drives Negaduck insane with rage.[15]
  • Dr. Anna Matronic, a.k.a. Madam Anna Matronic, is the inventor of the "Silly Signal" originally built to make her "Muttmatics" smarter, but instead it made them act silly.[82] She used this weapon on S.H.U.S.H. agents to make them act like twits in the storybook The Silly Canine Caper.[82] She is a duck with a strange wavy ponytail-like haircut, and wears a purple lab coat with a pink shirt underneath.[34][82] Madam Matronic was originally intended for an actual episode of the show which was abandoned for unknown reasons. She does, however, make a cameo appearance in the episode "In Like Blunt".[34] She is also prominently featured in the comic story "Sleep Ducking" published in Marvel Comics' The Disney Afternoon issue #2, but for some reason, instead of a female duck as she was originally designed, she appears in the comic story as a human. Her name is a pun on "animatronic".
  • Ice-Head Harry (played by Andrei Torossian)[83] is a villain who was featured exclusively in the Darkwing-based segment of the Walt Disney's World on Ice show Double Feature... Live![41] His villainous goal was to win the heart of a dancer named Dazzles (Daisy Duck), and tried to do so by having his Hoods steal the Diamond of Love so he could present it to her.[41] When she refused it because her heart belonged to another (presumably referring to Donald), he had her tied to a keg of dynamite, but Launchpad managed to call Darkwing in to stop Ice-Head.[41]
  • Wolfduck is a villain who was featured exclusively in the Darkwing Duck Capcom/NES video game.[84] He later makes an appearance in Joe Books' series' Darkwing Duck #1 as one of the villains Negaduck releases during his takeover of St. Canard's new penitentiary.

Comic-original villains[edit] Edit

  • Fluffy first appears in the comic "The Kitty Kat Kaper" (Disney Adventures v2 #9, July 1992). Fluffy is an orange housecat with "mega-genius intelligence" (granted from being a test-animal in S.H.U.S.H.'s research labs) who seeks to conquer St. Canard and turn it into a city ruled by cats. After being defeated by Darkwing Duck in his first appearance, Fluffy returns in "Cat in a Hot Tin Suit" (Disney Adventures v3 #12, October 1993) wearing a homemade suit of armor (built from old tuna cans) and briefly rules St. Canard after defeating Darkwing Duck in a very one-sided battle, though Darkwing later manages to overthrow Fluffy. His third and final appearance is in the two-part story "Fluffy's Reign of Terror!" (Disney Adventures v4 #4, February 1994; v4 #5, March 1994), in which he is released from prison for good behavior. Shortly after his release, he covers St. Canard in a white substance dubbed "Flee Powder", driving those exposed to it into leaving St. Canard as fast as possible (though it only works once per person and has no effect on mutants like Megavolt, Bushroot, and the Liquidator). Again, Darkwing is able to outwit Fluffy and save the city. In the first issue of the Joe Books ongoing, a prison cell with a scratching post and a giant ball of yarn is implied to belong to Fluffy, though its occupant is in solitary confinement and doesn't appear. Fluffy appears in solitary confinement in the 2nd issue, offering to help Mortimer Marquand navigate the dangerous villains in the St. Canard Penitentiary, in exchange for an unnamed favor. At the conclusion of the third issue, it is revealed that Mortimer has smuggled Fluffy out of the prison in his knapsack.
  • Chronoduck is the first new villain to appear in the series, created by Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones. The self-proclaimed "Master of time and clockery" he appars in his civilian identity to steal the pet turtle Drake is encouraging Gosalyn to adopt, claiming only it is slow enough to "crawl between seconds and into the chronoplasm of time." Once he has the turtle he transforms into Chronoduck and seemingly succeeds in killing Darkwing, but the Time Turtle shows Gosalyn a vision of the future that allows her to prevent it. At the end of the story Drake attempts to unravel the time paradox as Gosalyn takes her new pet fungus for a walk. Chronoduck appears in the Darkwing Duck Annual in the story "The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle".
  • Duckthulhu is a parody of Cthulhu, and a powerful primordial entity whom F.O.W.L. High Command tries to summon in order to enslave mankind in the story arc "F.O.W.L. Disposition" (Boom! Studios issues #9–12). He can mutate people into tentacled monsters that are enslaved to his will; even before Duckthulhu had risen, the more weak-minded citizens of St. Canard had started to transform. F.O.W.L. is wrong in believing he can be controlled and Duckthulhu comes close to winning before Morgana is able to stop him. On February 4, 2015 Joe Books released "The Definitively Dangerous Edition", an omnibus collecting issues 1-16 of the BOOM! series and replacing the previous series as canon; in this version, Duckthulhu is a much more meta character, evoking a sleazy movie producer. At one point he even breaks the fourth wall, belittling Darkwing's comic book accomplishments and telling him being optioned is all that matters: "Features is where it's at."
  • Carmichael Q. Anthony / One-Shot is a former baseball pitcher with a mental obsession to "never throw the same thing twice". He was banned from the sport after he began having a mental breakdown, causing him to pitch any random object he could grab. After receiving a magical coat allowing him access to an unlimited supply of objects, he becomes the supervillain One-Shot, causing mayhem in the city of St. Canard. He appears in the comic story "Done in One" in the Boom! Studios issue #13. On February 4, 2015 Joe Books released "The Definitively Dangerous Edition", an omnibus collecting issues 1-16 of the BOOM! series and replacing the previous series as canon; in this version, One-Shot is much more prone to using baseball analogies and puns in his villainous identity. One-Shot again faces down Darkwing in the third issue of Joe Books' Darkwing Duck comic series, and actually gets the drop on Darkwing until Gosalyn interferes.
  • Mortimer L. Marquand / Cat Tankerous is a supervillain cat who wears an enormous suit of indestructible armor, though it is revealed that its wearer is only a child. He appears in the comic story "Cat-Tastrophe" in the Boom! Studios issue #14. Prior to receiving the suit, Mortimer L. Marquand was just an ordinary school-age boy with a deep but unrequited crush on his schoolmate Gosalyn. Inspired by the sight of her as "Gosmoduck" during the events of "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings", Mortimer attempted to build his own Gizmo Suit and impress her, but to no avail. He then receives the Cat-Tankerous suit with a note saying for him to "be a better man", driving him into a single-minded obsession towards destroying St. Canard and Darkwing Duck. On February 4, 2015 Joe Books released "The Definitively Dangerous Edition", an omnibus collecting issues 1-16 of the BOOM! series and replacing the previous series as canon; in this version, Mortimer does not have a crush on Gosalyn but admires her strength when she saves him from bullies mocking him for his comic book collecting. He still attempts to build his own Gizmo suit, but when he receives the Cat-Tankerous suit, the note reads "Show them who you really are." He is eventually defeated by Darkwing when distracted by Gosalyn, scolding him for becoming a bully himself. In issue #1 of the Joe Books ongoing, Mortimer is still performing community service for his actions as Cat-Tankerous but is allowed to join Gosalyn's class on a field trip to the newly completed St. Canard Penitentiary, where he gets excited at seeing all the famous supervillains locked up. However, Mortimer vanishes when Negaduck appears and Gosalyn stays behind to search for him, leading to both of them being trapped when Negaduck puts the prison in lockdown. Mortimer encounters Fluffy while exploring the prison, and Fluffy takes him under his wing, telling him he'll help him navigate the other villains in the prison in exchange for an unnamed favor. Mortimer is captured by Pokerface and taken to Negaduck, and tells Negaduck he wants "to be bad." Negaduck dismisses Mortimer, telling Megavolt to "get rid of him." After Mortimer defeats Megavolt, Negaduck is impressed enough to take Mortimer as his understudy.
  • Constance A. Dention / Suff-Rage is a super-villainess who tries to prevent Darkwing from becoming Mayor of St. Canard in the story arc "Campaign Carnage" (Boom! Studios issues #13–16). When Darkwing declares his intent to run for Mayor, he faces opposition in the form of Launchpad and newcomer Constance A. Dention (a pun on "constant attention"), who also seeks to destroy Darkwing as the super-villainess Suff-Rage. As Constance, she uses mudslinging and verbal abuse to damage Darkwing's reputation in the polls. As Suff-Rage, she employs a wide variety of illusions and animatronics to confuse Darkwing and turn the public against him. On February 4, 2015 Joe Books released "The Definitively Dangerous Edition", an omnibus collecting issues 1-16 of the BOOM! series and replacing the previous series as canon; in this version, much more is made of Constance's obsession with besting Darkwing, and her choice of super-villain moniker is mocked by the other characters. In the Joe Books ongoing, Constance changes her name to Mistressterious (which to Darkwing is "possibly an even worse name than Suff-Rage") and uses her illusions to put the guards of the St. Canard Penitentiary under her control during the lockdown. She again tries to make Darkwing her own, but is foiled when Isis Vanderchill cuts in and freezes her solid.
  • Muckduck is a new villain introduced only by name in the Joe Books omnibus "The Definitively Dangerous Edition", replacing the name of a character from the original BOOM! Studios version called "Blood Thinner". In issue #1 of the Joe Books ongoing, Muckduck is shown as the occupant of a prison cell holding a giant pile of garbage, which according to Gosalyn is literally what he's made of. He appears in the 2nd issue, pursuing Darkwing through the halls of the prison until colliding with Ammonia Pine.
  • Mondo appears in the comic story "Mondo the Mad Mask Misappropriator" (Disney Adventures v5 #9, July 1, 1995), in which he is a big-shot hunter whose lifelong goal is to unmask every superhero in the world. He has a massive collection of masks from all the superheroes that he, according to Darkwing, "shamed out of the superhero business". He intends to capture Darkwing Duck's mask to complete his collection and is initially able to do so in their first battle, but Gosalyn foils Mondo's attempt to reveal Darkwing's true identity and he flees. Wearing multiple replacement masks, Darkwing lures Mondo out for a rematch while Gosalyn steals his mask collection and returns them to their rightful owners. The superheroes repay the favor by helping Darkwing capture Mondo and then return to their crimefighting lifestyles, while a defeated and humiliated Mondo decides to collect stamps for a hobby instead.
  • Solego, the Chaos God is a saurian sorcerer with nearly unstoppable magic powers from ancient times who was eventually imprisoned within two pieces of mystic jewelry. In the five-part crossover story "The Legend of the Chaos God" (Disney Adventures v4 #9, July 1994; v4 #12, September 1994 – v5 #2, December 1994), Solego's mind tries to influence others to unite the two pieces and restore his body. Over the course of several decades, the cast of TaleSpinChip 'n Dale Rescue RangersGoof Troop, and DuckTalesare all influenced by Solego's cursed jewelry as the sorcerer tries to manipulate them to reunite the two pieces and free himself. Solego eventually possesses Gizmoduck's suit and uses it to fly to St. Canard, where he finally succeeds in freeing himself. During a battle with Darkwing Duck, one of his magic blasts bounces off a satellite dish, striking the jewelry and splitting it, re-imprisoning him. The pieces are sealed within a safe, which is then buried at the bottom of Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin.
  • Clawed Hopper is a kangaroo with a metal pincer hand who is the main villain of the three part story "Cereal Crimes" (Disney Adventures v5 #12, September 1, 1995; v5 #13, September 30, 1995). While Darkwing investigates strange donut shops popping up all over the city that sell magnetic donuts (all set up by Hopper and his gang), Hopper uses an interactive TV show involving the "Crunchy Crusaders" – mascots for a breakfast cereal – to brainwash the children of St. Canard, including Darkwing's daughter Gosalyn; the host is a parrot named Bob (blue in the earlier appearances, and green when worn on Hopper's pincer hand). Darkwing eventually goes to the TV station, "unmasks" Bob the parrot, and defeats Hopper by pinning him to a metal wall, using his own magnetic donuts. Hopper is briefly seen in the first issue of the Joe Books ongoing, as one of the villains that Negaduck releases from prison.
  • Rabbit-Racer is a white rabbit or hare with super seed after being exposed to radiation and is the main villain of the story “Slip, Slidin, Away” (Special MOTT'S sample issue of The Best of Disney Adventures ISSN 1050-2491 of 1994). He uses his speed to pull off a number of robberies and seemingly evades capture at every turn. Not to be shown up, Darkwing sets a trap for him and plans to use speed to get the thief. This back fires as it is Gosalyn and Honker who are able to stop the speedster by oiling his shoes after slipping him up with marbles. He appears to be a parody of Reverse Flash. He appears in the 2nd issue of Joe Books' comic book series, briefly pursuing Darkwing before falling on his face and knocking himself unconscious after Gosalyn ties his shoelaces together.
  • Pokerface is a grey feline who wears a red suit and mask adorned with playing card suits. He appears in "Feeling Flushed" (Disney Adventures v3 #3, January 1993). Formerly a broke petty thug until inspired by a falling sign for playing cards (which hit his head while he was going to the unemployment office), Pokerface attempts to poison the drinking water of St. Canard's casinos with "Gambleholic Toxin", driving those who drink it into an uncontrollable urge to gamble and making him millions. Despite being affected by the toxin himself, Darkwing is able to defeat Pokerface's Suit henchmen and apprehend their leader, though Pokerface ends up getting the last laugh when he repeatedly beats Darkwing at Strip Poker while waiting for the police to show up. He makes an appearance in the 2nd issue of the Joe Books' comic book series, capturing Mortimer Marquand and delivering him to Negaduck, who doesn't know who he is and mocks him.
  • Gnatmare is a blue fly seen wearing a green bodysuit and blue helmet, appearing in "A Midsummer Gnat's Dream" (Joe Books ongoing, issue #4). Once a meek and helpless fly who was constantly swatted and bullied, his fate changed when he was exposed to one of F.O.W.L.'s experimental devices. Granted super-strength and invincibility from the device, the fly quickly gained a superiority complex and began attacking St. Canard in rage. With some help from Megavolt (having been promised a slightly-reduced life sentence and a subscription to an electronics magazine), Darkwing Duck overpowered Gnatmare by luring him into a giant electrical bug-zapper, knocking him unconscious and ending his destructive spree.

Other characters Edit

  • Warden Waddlesworth (voiced by Laurie Faso in "Darkly Dawns the Duck", Jim Cummings in later appearances) is the warden of St. Canard's unnamed maximum security prison.[10][38][77] He first appears in the first part of the pilot episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck" as Taurus Bulba's jailer,[10] and later appears in the episodes "Twin Beaks" and "Jail Bird".[38][77] His name is only revealed in the episode "Jail Bird".[38] Like Duckworth from DuckTales, he is a dog with a duck-based name.
  • Mrs. Cavanaugh (voiced by Marcia Wallace) is the director of the St. Canard Orphanage, who appears in the pilot episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck".[5][10] She is named after Christine Cavanaugh, Gosalyn's voice actress.
  • Moloculo MacCawber (voiced by Jack Angel) is the father of Morgana MacCawber and head of the MacCawber clan.[66][85] He has magical powers like his daughter.[66][85] He is a tall elderly duck with a bent-down beak and green skin, and his right eye is red and larger than the other.[66][85] He lives in a castle in Transylvania along with the rest of the extended MacCawber family.[85] He disapproves of his daughter's relationship with Darkwing, because Darkwing is a "normal" (a non-ghoulish person).[66][85] He appears in the episodes "Monsters R Us" and "Hot Spells".[66][85]
  • Aunt Nasty (voiced by Kath Soucie) is Morgana MacCawber's aunt who appears in the episodes "Monsters R Us", "Hot Spells", and "Malice's Restaurant".[66][85][86] She is an old bird with green skin and a hunched back.[66][85][86]
  • Cousin Globby (voiced by Jim Cummings) is Morgana MacCawber's cousin who appears in the episodes "Monsters R Us", "Hot Spells", and "Malice's Restaurant".[66][85][86] He is an intelligent blob of green goo.[66][85][86]
  • Screamy is the right head and Meanie is the left head of a two-headed bird. They are one of Morgana's relatives in the episode "Monsters R Us". Screamy has red hair and a sharp beak and is somewhat deranged, in contrast to Meanie who has blue eyebrows and a rounded duck beak and is polite and rational.[85]
  • Dean Specter McHex is the dean of the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment (Morgana's alma mater) in the episode "Hot Spells".[66]
  • The Quackrinomicon, a.k.a. Quacky (voiced by Tad Stones), is Morgana's sentient talking spell-book who helps Gosalyn create a love potion in the episode "My Valentine Ghoul".[87]
  • E. Thaddeus Rockwell is the producer of Darkwing Duck's cartoon show who appears in two episodes, and is an egotistical, money-focused executive who abuses his aide Crosby.[8][88] He is a human being, as is Crosby.[8][88] In his debut in the episode "Twitching Channels", he describes how he became wealthy after he acquired a helmet-device that can tune into the sounds of the events in Darkwing's home dimension, allowing him to make a cartoon show based on them.[88] In the episode "A Star is Scorned" (an out-of-continuity episode in which Darkwing is both a real hero and an actor), Rockwell tries to replace Darkwing with Bushroot to save money (so he can keep it, since he only has to pay Bushroot with plant fertilizer).[8] Rockwell is a tuckerization of the show's real-life producer Tad Stones.
    • Crosby (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is Rockwell's aide.[8][88]
  • Mr. Dizzy is the head of "Dizzy Studios" (a parody of Disney Studios) and Rockwell's boss in the episode "A Star is Scorned".[8]
  • Goose Lee (voiced by Robert Ito) is an old martial arts master who taught Darkwing the martial art of "quack fu" (a parody of kung fu) years ago and lives in Kung Pow City in the episode "Kung Fooled".[62] He appears to have been corrupted by money and spends his days dreaming of opening an amusement park called Ninja Land.[62] In fact, he is temporarily a villain, since he leads a gang of evil ninjas and plots to use a dragon in order to drive people away from a neighborhood located where he plans to build his amusement park, but in the end he is apparently reformed (although he does get to open his amusement park, presumably in a different location).[62] He considers Darkwing a disappointment due to Darkwing's use of gadgets and weapons instead of fighting using only his martial arts knowledge.[62] He constantly refers to Darkwing as "Grubworm".[62]His name is a pun on Bruce Lee.
  • Duck Ling (voiced by Candi Milo) is a boy who resembles Honker and who lives in Kung Pow City in the episode "Kung Fooled".[62] Despite knowing martial arts, he is pacifistic and rarely can bring himself to hurt anyone, even the sinister ninjas who are trying to run him out of his own neighborhood.[62] However, when he is pushed too far, Duck Ling is a force to be reckoned with.[62]
  • The Ancient Dragon of Kung Pow is an ancient stone dragon that can be transformed into a living dragon when the sacred "Dragon's Horn" is attached to his snout in the episode "Kung Fooled".[62] Goose Lee brings the dragon back to life, planning to use the dragon to chase people from a neighborhood where he wants to build his Ninja Land amusement park.[62] However, Lee is unable to control the dragon, which turns out to be a baby who constantly says that he wants to play, and thinks that people, buildings and vehicles are toys.[62]
  • Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson (voiced by S. Scott Bullock and Frank Welker respectively) are two scientists who worked alongside Bushroot and Dr. Rhoda Dendron at St. Canard University.[39] They appear in the episode "Beauty and the Beet", in which they were merciless bullies who endlessly tormented Bushroot both before and after his mutation.[39]Finally they pushed him too far, and were killed by his vines.[39] Despite their apparent deaths, two scientists who look exactly like them but have different names appear in the episode "Going Nowhere Fast".[89] Dr. Gary has tufts of gray hair/feathers on the sides of his head, while Dr. Larson has red hair/feathers on the top of his head and buck teeth.[39] It is possible that they are a reference to cartoonist Gary Larson; they resemble scientists from The Far Side.
  • Dean Tightbill (voiced by Frank Welker) is the dean of St. Canard University who cut the funding for Bushroot's experiments in the episode "Beauty and the Beet".[39]
  • Dr. Rhoda Dendron (voiced by Jennifer Darling) is a scientist who appears in the episode "Beauty and the Beet", in which Bushroot tries to turn her into a plant/duck hybrid like himself so that she will be his bride.[39]
  • Tom Lockjaw (voiced by S. Scott Bullock in most episodes and Jim Cummings in "Stressed to Kill") is the painfully handsome star reporter (based on Tom Brokaw) for the news program "Soft Copy" (a parody of Hard Copy)[43] who appears throughout the series.
  • Dan Gander (voiced by Neil Ross) is a reporter (based on Dan Rather) who occasionally fills Tom Lockjaw's role.[50][64][73] He appears in the episodes "Days of Blunder", "Double Darkwings", and "Calm a Chameleon".[50][64][73] In "Days of Blunder" he is a bird,[50] but in "Double Darkwings" and "Calm a Chameleon" he is a hairless dog.[64][73]
  • Webra Walters (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is a reporter (based on Barbara Walters) who appears in the episodes "Up, Up, and Awry" (in which she is referred to as "Barb" by Gizmoduck)[24] and "The Quiverwing Quack" (in which she has a different voice).[15] She previously appeared in some DuckTales episodes.[90][91][92]
  • Opal Windbag (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is a talk show host and an obvious parody of Oprah Winfrey who appears in the episodes "Twitching Channels" and "Dead Duck".[65][88] A similar character named Oprah Webfeet appears in the DuckTales episodes "A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity" and "The Big Flub".[91][93]
  • The Princess (voiced by Kath Soucie) is the beautiful female duck ruler of the petroleum-rich Middle Eastern country of Oilrabia in the episode "Water Way to Go".[94] Her name is never revealed.[94] She becomes smitten with Launchpad, whom she thinks is the hero between himself and Darkwing, whom she thinks is the sidekick.[94]
  • Dr. Beatrice Bruté (voiced by Victoria Carroll) is a S.H.U.S.H.-funded anthropologist in the mold of Jane Goodall who appears in the episode "Apes of Wrath".[75] Her surname is pronounced "Brute-ay".[75] While studying gorillas in the jungle, she stumbled across Major Trenchrot's plan to build a vacation resort for villains.[75]
    • Bongo and Congo (both voiced by Frank Welker) are Bruté's two closest gorilla companions.[75] Bongo rescued her from Trenchrot's fake banana plantation where she was being held prisoner after getting caught snooping.[75] Bongo and Congo then proceeded to help Bruté combat Trenchrot's scheme by stealing his weapons.[75] Accompanied by several other gorillas, Bongo and Congo later bring Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Launchpad to meet Bruté in their jungle village.[75] Bongo is dark gray in color, while Congo is brownish and has blond hair on her head.[75]
  • Shyster and Loophole (the female bear is voiced by Nancy Linari and the male dog is voiced by Charlie Adler) are two tax attorneys who represented master criminal Numero Uno in his unsuccessful legal battle against tax evasion charges.[23] They are a female bear and a male dog, but it is unclear which one is Shyster and which is Loophole.[23]They are abducted by Stegmutt and turned into dinosaurs by Dr. Fossil's Retro-Evolution Gun in the episode "Jurassic Jumble".[23]
  • Maria (voiced by Candi Milo) is the secretary and receptionist for the lawyers Shyster and Loophole in the episode "Jurassic Jumble".[23]
  • Numero Uno is an incarcerated criminal who was convicted of tax evasion and whom Darkwing initially and incorrectly believes is behind the kidnappings of his former lawyers Shyster and Loophole in the episode "Jurassic Jumble".[23]
  • Captain Big Nasty (voiced by Danny Mann) is a large alien android with an Austrian accent (based on that of Arnold Schwarzenegger) who goes to Earth to apprehend the fugitive criminal Wacko in the episode "When Aliens Collide".[74] Due to his intimidating appearance, and the fact that he is pursuing the seemingly helpless and cute Wacko, Darkwing and company initially mistake him for a villain, when he is in fact a police officer and the captain of the "Outer Space Patrol".[74]
  • A. F. Erret (voiced by Hal Rayle) is the ferret owner of a movie studio in the episode "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan".[57] Very abrasive and short-tempered, he dislikes it when people mistakenly call him "Mr. Ferret".[57] Tuskernini attempts to drive his studio into bankruptcy so that Tuskernini can buy the land and make a profit from the abundant oil beneath it.[57]
  • Gloria Swansong (voiced by B. J. Ward) is a famous actress who appears in the episode "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan".[57] Her name is a reference to Gloria Swanson.
  • Official Guy (voiced by Dorian Harewood) is the official leader of Comet Guy's home planet Mertz, which is populated almost entirely by superheroes.[36] He appears in the episode "Planet of the Capes".[36]
  • "Webby" (voiced by Lorenzo Music) is a cute and innocent spider who appears in the episode "Aduckyphobia".[61] Originally of normal size, he is mutated into growing to human size by exposure to a radioactive material called "canardium".[61] He bites Darkwing, giving him spider-themed powers.[61] For a time, the innocent spider is duped into helping Professor Moliarty.[61] Moliarty once calls him "Webby" (or more specifically, "Webbypoo") but it is unclear if that is his real name.[61] He is not to be confused with Webbigail from DuckTales.
  • Webwolf the Barbarian (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a barbarian warrior and an ancestor of Darkwing who appears in the episode "Inherit the Wimp".[95]
  • Sir Quackmire Mallard (voiced by Roddy McDowall) is a medieval knight and an ancestor of Darkwing who appears in the episode "Inherit the Wimp".[95]
  • Sheriff Quack Mallardson, a.k.a. The Whittlin' Kid (voiced by Neil Ross), is a western sheriff and an ancestor of Darkwing who appears in the episode "Inherit the Wimp".[95] His nickname derives from the fact that he is a master of whittling.[95]
  • Hamilton "Ham" String (voiced by Jerry Houser) is a pig jock and a bully who picked on Elmo Sputterspark in high school in the episode "Clash Reunion".[4] It is his fault that Sputterspark ultimately became Megavolt.[4]
  • Preena Lot (voiced by Teresa Ganzel) is Ham String's high school girlfriend and later his wife who appears in the episode "Clash Reunion".[4] She generally tells Ham what to do in his bullying.[4]
  • The Rubber Chicken / Clovis Clackenhoff (voiced by Corey Burton) is a somewhat cowardly mutant chicken who appears in the episode "Mutantcy on the Bouncy".[72] Due to his parents being exposed to the influence of an exploding plastic factory, he was born a rubbery mutant who can stretch extremely far.[72] He becomes a hero to defeat Cement Head but gets framed instead and is hunted by Darkwing.[72] He later gathers other mutants to join his fight and eventually helps Darkwing defeat Cement Head.[72]
    • Banana Boy is a mutant pig who appears in the episode "Mutantcy on the Bouncy".[72] Due to being born downwind of a fruit-irradiating plant, he is a mutant who can change his body into a banana at will.[72] At first, he works as a receptionist for Swindlin' Swine (apparently unaware that Swine is Cement Head).[72] However, he later joins the Rubber Chicken in his fight against Cement Head, but is easily defeated along with the other mutants.[72]
    • Glue Gal is a mutant duck who appears in the episode "Mutantcy on the Bouncy".[72] Due to her father falling into a vat of glue, she was born a mutant with glue powers.[72]She works as a cashier at an antique store.[72] She later joins the Rubber Chicken in his fight against Cement Head, but is easily defeated along with the other mutants.[72]
    • The Amazing Sneeze-Master / Daphne Duckbill is a mutant duck who appears in the episode "Mutantcy on the Bouncy".[72] Due to her mother being exposed to radioactive chicken soup, she was born a mutant who can display cold symptoms at will.[72] She works as a reporter alongside Tom Lockjaw.[72] She later joins the Rubber Chicken in his fight against Cement Head, but her power only helps in the mutants' defeat.[72]
  • Mr. Meekles, a.k.a. The Lavender Wrist-Slapper, is a short duck who temporarily replaces Darkwing as a hero at the behest of Quackerjack (disguised as a psychiatrist) in the episode "Days of Blunder", but he turns out to be a failure at it.[50]
  • The Masked Mangler (voiced by David Prince) is a professional wrestler who appears in the episode "Days of Blunder".[50]
  • Binketh (voiced by Susan Tolsky) is a medieval maiden who resembles Binkie Muddlefoot (and is possibly her ancestor), and whom King Herbeth falls in love with in the episode "Quack of Ages".[22]
  • King Herbeth (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the king of medieval Canardia (St. Canard in the Middle Ages) and the inventor of the yo-yo who resembles Herb Muddlefoot, and is possibly his ancestor in the episode "Quack of Ages".[22] He invented the yo-yo in the year 1291, seven hundred years before the majority of the series takes place.[22]
  • Sir Cumference and Sir Veillance are two medieval interrogators who assist Quackerjack in his efforts to get Darkwing to confess that he is a warlock in the episode "Quack of Ages".[22] Sir Cumference is short and wide, while Sir Veillance is tall and slender.[22] Their names are a pun on "circumference" and "surveillance".
  • Klaatu 2 (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a crown-shaped alien and the leader of the "Girdist Revolutionaries" who arrest Flarg and his associates in the episode "Battle of the Brainteasers",[67] and again in the episode "The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!".[68] His name is likely a reference to the famous phrase "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  • Andy Ape (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a fictional cartoon ape whom Tuskernini inadvertently brings to life from the theatrical movie screen in the episode "Film Flam".[59] He behaves and speaks similar to Roger Rabbit.[59]
  • Little Running Gag is a character that only appears in the episode "Comic Book Capers".[20] He appears to help a Native American version of Megavolt.[20] He usually shows up at the most inappropriate moments and throws pies into people's faces.[20]
  • Tia (voiced by Allyce Beasley) is an alien who fell in love with Launchpad when they were both children and later became queen of the galaxy in the episode "U.F. Foe".[76]
  • Cowboy Doug (voiced by Michael Gough) is the owner and manager of a dude ranch called "Cowboy Doug's Dude Ranch" where Darkwing and Gosalyn stay in the episode "U.F. Foe".[76]
  • Ripcord McQuack is the father of Launchpad, and appears during a flashback scene in the episode "U.F. Foe".[76] Ripcord previously appeared in the DuckTales episode "Top Duck".[96]
  • Mr. Mikey (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a famous food critic who appears in the episode "Malice's Restaurant".[86]
  • The Cute Little Lost Bunnies are a group of three cute bunnies who star in children's movies and who appear in the episode "Malice's Restaurant".[86] When they show up at Morgana's restaurant, they ruin the restaurant's opening night since they do not match the restaurant's creepy décor.[86] They are later kidnapped by Negaduck who tries to turn them evil in order to corrupt children, but is unsuccessful.[86] The unnamed yellow bunny is voiced by Charlie Adler, while the red bunny is named Bunny Joy, and the blue bunny is named Bunny Fun.[86] A prototype of the Cute Little Lost Bunnies appeared in the earlier episode "Negaduck", in which an evil version of Darkwing (a prototype Negaduck) goes to a movie theater which is showing a film called The Cute Little Lost Bunnies Movie featuring two cute tan-colored bunnies.[37] After the evil-Darkwing attacks the theater, one of the bunnies (who is visibly injured) leads a vengeful crowd of moviegoers in a physical attack against evil-Darkwing, but they end up attacking Posiduck instead.[37] It is unclear what happened to the other bunny.[37]
  • Blob and Ray are two germs who help Darkwing make Lilliput Gooney sick in the episode "Getting Antsy".[12]
  • Trudi (voiced by Susan Tolsky) is the twin sister of Binkie Muddlefoot and the aunt of Honker and Tank Muddlefoot.[77] She (or rather, a clone of her) appears in the episode "Twin Beaks", where she was one of the people that were taken and replaced by mutant space cabbage clones.[77]
  • Gerdie (voiced by Joan Gerber) is a gardening expert.[77] She (or rather, a clone of her) is shown on videotape instructing how to care for the Mutant Space Cabbages in the episode "Twin Beaks".[77] She is one of the people that were taken and replaced by the cabbage clones.[77]
  • The Alien Cows are an alien race of intelligent anthropomorphic cows from the planet Larson who farmed crops of large cabbages which were accidentally mutated into the Mutant Space Cabbages who try to take over Earth in the episode "Twin Beaks".[77] An army of alien cows (whose leader is voiced by Ruth Buzzi) eventually arrives on Earth to subdue the mutant cabbages.[77]
  • Duane (voiced by Frank Welker) is a truck driver who tells Darkwing and Launchpad how to defeat the giant vampire potato while giving them a ride to the country in the episode "Night of the Living Spud".[40]
  • Zeke (voiced by S. Scott Bullock) is one of three country friends who test Darkwing to see if he is a vampire in the episode "Night of the Living Spud".[40] He is a bulldog who wears a red cap.[40]
  • Jake (voiced by S. Scott Bullock) is one of three country friends who test Darkwing to see if he is a vampire in the episode "Night of the Living Spud".[40] He is the tallest of the three, and wears a dark-colored shirt and cap.[40]
  • Zack (voiced by Jim Cummings) is one of three country friends who test Darkwing to see if he is a vampire in the episode "Night of the Living Spud".[40] He wears a red shirt and a wide-brim hat.[40]
  • The Council of Technosaurs is a group of four duckbill dinosaur scientists, inventors, and engineers who live and work in the prehistoric city of Duckbillville in the episode "Extinct Possibility".[78] Their discoveries and inventions are less than successful, since they tend to make and use things in incorrect and backwards ways.[78] They are bullied and threatened by Johnny T. Rex and his gang.[78]
    • Dr. Denton is a light-purple duckbill dinosaur scientist and a member of the Council of Technosaurs.[78] He is the first dinosaur that Darkwing, Launchpad, and Gosalyn meet when they go back in time.[78] He thinks that they are "mutations" and captures them as specimens in order to bring them back to Duckbillville to present to the council as a scientific discovery.[78]
    • Dr. Ferntu is a pink female duckbill dinosaur scientist and a member of the Council of Technosaurs.[78] She works in the home appliance division where she is involved in the development of a self-cleaning oven, but its design is mixed up with that of a laundry washing machine, complete with a rinse cycle.[78]
    • Professor Bumprock, a.k.a. Dr. Bumprock (voiced by Diz White), is a yellow female duckbill dinosaur scientist and a member of the Council of Technosaurs.[78] She studies possible applications for tree sap, including as a facial moisturizer, an insect repellant (although it ends up attracting insects), and a syrup to pour on pancakes.[78]
    • Sir Glumfield is a turquoise duckbill dinosaur scientist and the leader of the Council of Technosaurs.[78]
  • Patrick and Patricia (voiced by Townsend Coleman and B. J. Ward respectively) are the hosts of the Whiffle Boy videogame contest in the episode "Whiffle While You Work".[49]They each go by the nickname "Pat".[49]
  • Principal Farnsworth (voiced by Linda Gary) is the principal of Gosalyn's school, who appears in the episode "Toys Czar Us".[51] She has a stern, yet caring personality.[51]
  • Gosaloid (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) is a futuristic version of Gosalyn (and is possibly her descendent) who appears in the episode "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck".[7]
  • Honkulon (voiced by Katie Leigh) is a futuristic version of Honker (and is possibly his descendent) who appears in the episode "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck".[7]
  • Drake-El (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the supposed father of Darkwing Duck from the planet Zipton (according to an elderly Drake Mallard telling an exaggerated origin story) in the episode "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck".[7] He is a parody of Superman's biological father Jor-El from the planet Krypton.
  • The Venerable One, a.k.a. Vinny (voiced by René Auberjonois), is the supposed leader of an Asian monastery where the young Darkwing was raised and trained in martial arts (according to an elderly Drake Mallard telling an exaggerated origin story) in the episode "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck".[7]
  • Saint Peter (voiced by Hal Smith) is the gatekeeper of Heaven who argues with Beelzebub over the fate of Darkwing's soul in the episode "Dead Duck".[65]
  • Death (voiced by Tony Jay) is the personification of death itself, who appears in the form of the Grim Reaper in the episode "Dead Duck".[65]
  • The Darkwing Doubloon / Seaman Drake (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a pirate version of Darkwing (and is possibly his ancestor) who lived three hundred years before the majority of the series takes place.[21] His crew is made up of past versions of Gosalyn, Launchpad, Fenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck), and Stegmutt.[21] Despite being a "pirate" with an infamous reputation, he is in fact a hero who fights against evil pirates.[21] His alter ego is Seaman Drake, a subservient sailor who works for the royal family (who are past versions of the Muddlefoots) on board their ship.[21] He appears in the episode "Darkwing Doubloon".[21]
  • Professor Waddlemeyer is Gosalyn's deceased biological grandfather who is only shown in a photograph in both parts of the pilot episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck".[5][10] He was the inventor of the "Ramrod" – a powerful anti-gravity beam weapon that can levitate and manipulate objects.[5][10] It is strongly implied that he was murdered by Taurus Bulba's henchmen during a botched attempt to find out the arming code for the Ramrod.[10]
  • Granny Whammy (voiced by Billie Hayes) is Jambalaya Jake's grandmother who appears in the episode "Double Darkwings".[64] At first, she helps Jake in his efforts to get revenge on Darkwing for ruining his schemes by giving him a bag of hex potion to use against the hero, and asks for $10,000 in return.[64] However, after Jake fails to pay her the money that he had promised her, she helps Darkwing and Launchpad apprehend Jake and his sidekick Gumbo by releasing Launchpad from the hex.[64]
  • Rupert is a prison guard who works at the prison where Darkwing is incarcerated in the episode "Double Darkwings".[64]
  • The Mona Lisa's smile is the mouth of the Mona Lisa which Splatter Phoenix removes from its painting and, in the process, animates it so that it becomes a sentient being in the episode "A Brush with Oblivion".[69] Phoenix steals the smile in order to hold it for ransom so that she can have sufficient funding for her art projects.[69] It is briefly brought into existence in the real world, but during most of its time in the custody of Phoenix, she carries it into different paintings in her attempts to evade Darkwing and his friends.[69] The smile constantly protests against its abduction, much to Phoenix's annoyance.[69]
  • Frankie Ferret is a comic book character whom Launchpad brings to life using Splatter Phoenix's paintbrush in the episode "Paint Misbehavin'".[16] He pacifies Phoenix's painted minion Surreal Man by using "Friend Power", which has the effect of persuading Surreal Man to throw away his weapon (an umbrella) and to become friends with Ferret.[16] The two then leave the area while holding hands.[16]
  • Santa Claus is the legendary bringer of gifts on Christmas, who briefly appears flying in his sleigh and uttering his characteristic "ho ho ho" laugh at the end of the episode "It's a Wonderful Leaf".[97]
  • Thug Neanderthal is a convicted criminal who is adopted by the Muddlefoots as part of the "Adopt-a-Con Program" which is meant to reform convicts in the episode "Adopt-a-Con".[58]
  • Dottie Debson (voiced by Ruth Buzzi) is the owner and flight instructor of "Dottie Debson's Dirigible Driving School" which trains people to be zeppelin operators in the episode "Dances with Bigfoot".[14]
  • Merriweather the Cockroach Mime is a world-famous cockroach mime who is kidnapped by the Bugmaster in the episode "Fraudcast News".[71]
  • Dr. Allen and Dr. Gerrick are two scientists who help Darkwing develop an antidote to his accelerated aging and super speed in the episode "Going Nowhere Fast".[89] They look exactly like Bushroot's old colleagues Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson from the episode "Beauty and the Beet". Their names are also a play on two DC Comics Characters (Superheroes) Barry Allen, aka "The Flash", and Jay Gerrick, aka the Golden Age "Flash" of Earth-2.[39]
  • The Witch Doctor (voiced by Hal Rayle) is a tribal witch doctor who puts a bad luck curse on Darkwing because he mistakenly thinks that Darkwing stole his magic crystal that brings inanimate objects to life in the episode "Bad Luck Duck".[98] In reality, it was Negaduck who stole the crystal and ran off with it, but when the pursuing tribesmen come across Darkwing, the close resemblance between him and Negaduck causes the Witch Doctor and his tribesmen to think Darkwing is the thief.[98] The Witch Doctor's name is never revealed.[98]
  • The Darkwing Duck Fan Club is a fan club dedicated to Darkwing Duck in the episodes "Cleanliness is Next to Badliness" and "Bad Luck Duck".[52][98]
  • Mrs. Howell is the owner of a publishing company who is impersonated by Camille Chameleon in the episode "Calm a Chameleon".[73]

Episodes Edit

Series One Edit

  1. Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 1
  2. Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 2
  3. Beauty and the Beet
  4. Getting Antsy
  5. Night of the Living Squd
  6. Apes of Wrath
  7. Dirty Money
  8. Duck Blind
  9. Comic Book Capers
  10. Water Way to Go
  11. Paraducks
  12. Easy Come, Easy Grows
  13. A Revolution in Home Appliances
  14. Trading Faces
  15. Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan
  16. Can't Bayou Love
  17. Bearskin Thug
  18. You Sweat Your Life
  19. Days of Blunder
  20. Just Us Justice Ducks, part 1
  21. Just Us Justice Ducks, part 2
  22. Double Darkwings
  23. Aduckyphobia
  24. When Aliens Collide
  25. Jurassic Jumble
  26. Cleanliness is Next to Badliness
  27. Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet
  28. All's Fahrenheit in Love and War
  29. Whiffle While You Work
  30. Ghoul of My Dreams
  31. Adopt-a-Con
  32. Toys Czar Us
  33. The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
  34. Up, Up, and Awry
  35. Life, the Negaverse, and Everyting
  36. Dry Hard
  37. Heavy Mental
  38. Disguise the Limit
  39. Planet of the Capes
  40. Darkwing Doubloon
  41. It's a Wonderful Leaf
  42. Twitching Channels
  43. Dances with Bigfoot
  44. Twin Beaks
  45. The Incredible Bulk
  46. My Valentine Ghoul
  47. Dead Duck
  48. A Duck by Any Other Name
  49. Let's Get Respectable
  50. In Like Blunt
  51. Quack of Ages
  52. Time and Punishment
  53. Stressed to Kill
  54. The Darkwing Squad
  55. Inside Binkie's Brain
  56. The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain
  57. Slime OK, You're OK
  58. Whirled History
  59. U.F. Foe
  60. A Star is Scorned
  61. The Quiverwing Quack
  62. Jail Bird
  63. Dirtysomething
  64. Kung Fooled
  65. Bad Luck Duck

Series Two Edit

  1. That Sinking Feeling
  2. Film Flam
  3. Negaduck
  4. Fungus Armongus
  5. Slaves to Fashion
  6. Something Fishy
  7. Tiff of the Titans
  8. Calm a Chameleon
  9. Battle of the Brainteasers
  10. Bad Tidings
  11. Going Nowhere Fast
  12. A Brush with Oblivion
  13. The Merchant of Menace

Series Three Edit

  1. Monsters R Us
  2. Inherit the Wimp
  3. Revenge of the Brainteasers, Too
  4. Star Crossed Circuits
  5. The Steerminator
  6. The Frequeancy Fiends
  7. Paint Misbehavin'
  8. Hot Spells
  9. Fraudcast News
  10. Clash Reunion
  11. Mutantcy on the Bouncy
  12. Malice's Restaurant
  13. Extinct Possibility