Cow and Chicken & I Am Weasel character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Marc Perry, Butch Hartman
Voiced by Charlie Adler
Character information
Full name
Species Cow
Other names Super Cow (alter-ego)
Occupation Superhero (as Super Cow), Elementary School Student
Relatives Dad (father), Mom (mother), Chicken (brother), Boneless Chicken (cousin)
Allies Chicken, The Red Guy (sometimes)
Enemies The Red Guy (sometimes)
Quote (To The Red Guy) "Mom told me never to talk strangers, and you're pretty strange."

Cow (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a character from Cow and Chicken. Cow is Chicken's 7-year-old sister.


Cow is usually depicted by her low intelligence and childlike naivety and is usually blind to her brothers carelessness for her. However, Cow is better-liked by her peers than chicken. Cow is known by her superhero alter-ego, Super Cow


Cow is a 7-year-old female cow the peach-colored with black spots on her back, she has a pinkish-peach colored snout and utter, and brown horns. Cow is tall and heavy, however, even though she is tall, her arms and legs are short.

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