Cow and Chicken & I Am Weasel character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Marc Perry, Butch Hartman
Voiced by Charlie Adler
Character information
Full name
Species Chicken
Other names
Occupation Middle School Student
Relatives Dad (father), Mom (mother), Cow (sister), Boneless Chicken (cousin)
Allies Flem, Earl, Cow, The Red Guy (sometimes)
Enemies The Red Guy (sometimes)
Quote (trying to cheer Cow up) "I know you hate being ugly, but someone has to make everybody else look good."

Chicken (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a character from Cow and Chicken. He is Cow's 11-year-old brother.


Chicken is sometimes mean to Cow and the rest of the family too. He has a powerful ego but a powerful conscience. He is more intelligent or sane than others, and his selfish actions can sometimes come to someone's help. His speech is riddled with malapropisms and sarcasm. Despite he is a male he lays eggs occasionally in the series. Chicken is also fond of ice skating and, like other chickens, he cannot fly and is also scared of flying.


Chicken has white feathers and a yellow beak, he has orang legs and feet and, like Cow, he does not wear shoes.

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