Chance Happening

Chance Happening is a character on Grojband. She, along with Buzz Newsworthy, gives the news in Peaceville. (The place where Grojband is located at). She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Personality Edit

Chance is a silly and expressive newswoman who will so whatever she can to make the the news channel interesting. She is portrayed as a very beautiful looking news woman who is dressed up perky and fancy in episodes such as Helmet where she was told to have a 'perfect' hairstyle, and in the episode Rockersize, where Blanche wiped her make up on her face and messed up her hair, telling her that nobody wants to hear the news from someone who's all dressed up in a bunch of fancy make up. [1]

Appearance Edit

Chance is a woman with a sculpted face. She has a shiny, navy blue, bobbed hairstyle. She wears a brown shirt and a necklace.

References Edit

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