Calling Cat-22 - Receiving a Mission
Calling Cat-22 character
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Occupation Secret Agent
Allies Agent Andrew, Gato Primo, Guthrie
Enemies Percy

Cat-22 is the ill-fated protagonist of the Cartoon Network Wedgies series, Calling Cat-22. 22 is a tall, rail-thin, continually stooping black cat in a typically Cold War-era black "spy" suit and tie. He seems to be intelligent, though inclined to cynicism and melancholia, and snarkily resigned to his miserable duty as a secret agent for an organization of cats (under the command of Gato Primo) dedicated to learning the secrets of dog society (none of which are worth the trouble of knowing anyway, as dogs are portrayed as being all moronic vulgarians). In his disguise as a dog (i.e., a brown beanie with a pair of floppy ears), he has infiltrated dog society and made a friend of the exceptionally dim-witted Guthrie, who instantly forgets 22 as a friend and recognizes him as a cat whenever his dog-ears are removed.

Despite the fact that his assignments always end in humiliation and generally in mutilation, he is apparently regarded by Gato as one of the agency's best operatives; Gato seems to be convinced of 22's strategic brilliance and unfailing zeal for the cause (despite the fact that the majority of episodes end with 22 attempting to escape from the organization altogether).


  • In creator Matthew Schwartz's original character sketches, Cat-22 appears as a tabby without any clothes.
  • 22 (along with Nacho Bear) makes a cameo appearance on a bulletin board in The Talented Mr. Bixby episode, "The Substitute Bug Man," as "Gato 22" (Mr. Bixby is evidently substituting as a Spanish teacher).