DroopyHere's your latte,sir.

WolfHold on, Charlie. Tip? Here's a tip! Get a real job!

WolfWhat the---

Why you little---come here! See ya!

[after seeing a "beautiful lady"] Wow! [wolf whistle]

Hey, baby, what do you say this Saturday, you and me can go---

[screen looks up and down the girl, when it looks back up, Droopy's head is attached to the girl's body]

DroopyI don't like cheap dates.

Wolf: [holding up a sign that says Eek!] (screams)

[sees Droopy on a paper copy from his printer and on his computer screen]


I'm seeing things, I need a vacation.

DroopyI wish I could afford a vacation.

Wolf: (screams) [tapes Droopy to the water fountain than runs to get on an airplane]

[drinks latte] (hears a jingling sound)

Screen shows two pimpled, big-nosed, goofy-eyed, two-toothed oger-like people

[Wolf smiles awkwardly then runs to the bathroom]

[Wolf continues drinking latte in front of the mirror at the sink]

Droopy: [taking a bath] Didn't anyone ever teach you to knock?

Wolf: [throws all of his money out of his pockets] Here! [jumps into toilet and flushes himself down the drain while whining]

DroopyYou know what? He forgot his latte!

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