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Camp Pining Hearts is a teen drama/soap opera show-within-in-a-show in Steven Universe. It takes place in a summer camp, and first appeared in the episode "Log Date 7 15 2". Fans of the series include PeridotSteven and Lapis. [1]

Plot Edit

Much of the show's content and characters have as of yet not been established. However, from what has been seen so far, the show consists of drama between teams of campers competing against one another in a Color War. Camp Pining Hearts appears to take place in Canada (or Steven Universe's alternate universe equivalent of Canada). Paulette is holding a flag that resembles the Canadian flag with green instead of red.

The series has at least five seasons. Steven and Peridot both consider the fifth season "trash".

Characters Edit

  • Paulette - A member of the blue team during the Color War. Percy's love interest. Voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall. [2]
  • Percy - A member of the yellow team during the Color War. Paulette's love interest. Voiced by Michaela Dietz. In the episode Peridot watches, he goes to the bottom of the lake to retrieve Paulette's friendship bracelet and competes in a canoe race, which Peridot thinks he would have won if he was not distracted by his interest in Paulette.
  • Pierre (mentioned only) - Peridot deems him and Percy to be the most compatible and "superior" pair. He is good at various events at the camp, such as the three-legged races, and is a "force to be reckoned with" on land. There's not much information about him but overall based on Peridot's explanation, Pierre is a skilled camper and a "brute".
  • At least three other unidentified characters, according to Peridot's chart.

References Edit

  1. "Camp Pining Hearts"- Steven Universe Wiki

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