Camp Lazlo
Camp Lazlo
Genre Animation
Format Animation
Created by Joe Murray
Steven Spielburg
Written by Joe Murray
Mark O'Hare
Mr. Lawrence
J.G. Quintel
Thurop Van Orman
Martin Olson
Merriwether Williams
Steve Little
Mike Roth
Tom King
Rick Farmiloe
Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis
Clayton McKenzie Morrow
Carey Yest
Antoine Guilibaud
Mike Kenny
Ant Ward
Steven Spielburg
Creative director(s) Mark O'Hare
Steven Spielburg
Starring Carlos Alazraqui
Jeff Bennett
Tom Kenny
Mr. Lawrence
Jodi Benson
Jill Talley
Steve Little
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 61 (List of Camp Lazlo episodes)
Executive producer(s) Joe Murray
Running time 22 min. (11 min. per segment)
Composer(s) Andy Paley
Production company(s) Joe Murray Productions
Cartoon Network Studios
Amblin Entertainment
Original channel Cartoon Network
First shown July 8, 2005
Original run July 8, 2005 – March 27, 2008
Status Ended

Camp Lazlo is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray and produced by his company Joe Murray Productions with Cartoon Network Studios. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on July 8, 2005. The show revolves around Lazlo, a spider monkey who attends a Boy Scout-like summer camp with a cast of anthropomorphic animal characters. The series has a style of humor similar to Murray's previous series, Rocko's Modern Life.

The series won three Emmy Awards and three Pulcinella Awards, and was also nominated for another Emmy and an Annie Award. The series ended its three-year run on Cartoon Network on March 27, 2008 after 5 seasons, 61 episodes, and an hour-long television special.


The cartoon is set in a universe inhabited solely by anthropomorphic animals of many species and focuses on a trio of campers attending a poorly-run summer camp known as Camp Kidney; Lazlo the eccentric, optimistic monkey, Raj the timid Indian elephant, and Clam, the quiet albino pygmy rhinoceros, and their multiple surreal misadventures. Other characters include the selfish, ill-tempered moose Scoutmaster Lumpus and his mild-mannered assistant Slinkman the banana slug, the boys' assortment of fellow campers including the disgruntled, surly platypus Edward and the klutzy, accident-prone, geeky Guinea pig Samson. The program also features a rival summer camp attended solely by girls, primarily focusing on Lazlo, Raj, and Clam's respective female counterparts attending that camp; Patsy the adventurous mongoose who has a crush on Lazlo, Gretchen the short-tempered alligator, and Nina the wise giraffe, along with the object of Scoutmaster Lumpus's affections, Miss Doe, the head of the all-girl camp, Acorn Flats. Some episodes may involve the Bean Scouts' attempts at unveiling the truth behind camp legends or clowning around, infuriating their peers or placing themselves in a variety of odd situations commonly based around traditional or fictionalized, bizarre camp activities.



Camp Lazlo started to air reruns on Boomerang on January 6, 2014 at 8:00am. It was removed on the schedule on April 7, 2014 with The Jetsons and it was replaced by The Looney Tunes Show, then returned again on June 7, 2014. On January 4, 2015, this show was removed on the schedule along with Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd n Eddy, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Johnny Bravo.