2 Stupid Dogs character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Julian Chaney, Todd Frederiksen
Voiced by Scott Menville (Possibly)
Character information
Full name
Species Human
Other names No Alias
Personality Rude, Mean, Impolite, Offensive, Abusive, Disrespectful, Cheeky
Appearance blonde hair (mo-hawk), black eyes, thick black eyebrows, purple shirt, blue jeans, red and white tennis shoes
Occupation Student
Citizenship Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Pets Unknown
Allies A few unnamed kids
Minions Unknown
Enemies Kenny Fowler, Buffy Ziegenhagen, Big Dog, Little Dog
Quote "What A Fowler!"

- Buzz's catchphrase

Buzz is a character in 2 Stupid Dogs, his voice actor is possibly Scott Menville

Character DescriptionEdit


Buzz is the school bully, he mostly picks-on Kenny Fowler and would often say "What a Fowler!" whenever Kenny would fall on the floor or land on him (As seen in the episode "Love Doctors") There was an instance where Buzz picked-on Buffy Ziegenhagen by scaring her with a frog in class during a science project. It is unknown why Buzz is a bully towards Kenny and why Buffy sometimes laughs along with him. He has gotten in trouble with the principal before


Buzz is a heavy-set 4th grade boy who wears a purple shirt, blue jeans, white and red colored tennis shoes, black eyes, and thick eyebrows


  • Buzz was named after the series' executive producer, Buzz Potamkin.
  • Buzz could possibly be related to Mr. Hollywood due to bodily features.