Monday 28th March 2011(Boom UK) Edit

12:00am Gadget Boy

12:25am The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

12:45am Gadget Boy

1:10am Gadget Boy

1:30am Gadget Boy

1:55am Gadget Boy

2:16am Gadget Boy

2:35am Tom And Jerry

3:00am My Spy Family

3:25am The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

3:50am The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

4:15am Roobarb and Custard Too

4:30am Tom And Jerry

4:40am Tom And Jerry

4:50am Tom And Jerry

4:55am Gadget Boy

5:20am Gadget Boy

5:41am Gadget Boy

6:00am Tom And Jerry

6:15am Tom And Jerry

6:25am Gadget Boy

6:50am Inspector Gadget (1983)

7:15am Inspector Gadget (1983)

7:40am Pink Panther and Pals

8:00am Pink Panther and Pals

8:15am The Latest Buzz

8:45am Roobarb

8:50am The Latest Buzz

9:25am Roobarb

9:30am The Garfield Show

9:50am Phineas and Ferb

10:05am Phineas and Ferb

10:20am Mr Bean:The Annimated Series

10:35am Poochini

10:40am Poochini

10:50am Poochini

11:00am Poochini

11:05am The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

11:35am Roobarb and Custard Too

11:40am Bugs and Daffy

11:50am Bugs and Daffy

11:55am Old Tom

12:10pm Gadget Boy

12:35pm Gadget Boy

12:56pm Gadget Boy

1:15pm Old Tom

1:30pm Old Tom

1:45pm Old Tom

2:00pm Poochini

2:10pm Top Cat

2:35pm What's New Scooby Doo?

3:05pm Poochini

3:15pm Pink Panther and Pals

3:30pm Pink Panther and Pals

3:40pm Tom And Jerry

4:45pm The Garfield Show

5:10pm My Spy Family

5:35pm Roobarb

5:40pm Gadget Boy

6:05pm The Latest Buzz

6:35pm Inspector Gadget (1983)

7:00pm The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

7:30pm Old Tom

7:45pm Poochini

7:50pm Mr Bean:The Animated Series

8:20pm Roobarb

8:25pm Pink Panther and Pals

8:35pm Pink Panther and Pals

8:50pm Tom And Jerry

9:00pm The Latest Buzz

9:25pm Gadget Boy

9:45pm The Latest Buzz

10:15pm Gadget Boy

10:40pm Pink Panther and Pals

10:50pm Looney Tunes

10:55pm Looney Tunes

11:00pm Looney Tunes

11:10pm Looney Tunes

11:20pm Looney Tunes

11:25pm Looney Tunes

11:35pm The Garfeld Show

11:45pm Old Tom