12:00 am Samurai Jack - The Premiere Movie

12:30 am Popeye - A Dream Walking/Nix On Hynotricks/Beware Of Barinclebill/The Hungry Goat

1:00 am Tom & Jerry Kids - Bat Mouse/Puss & Pups/Outer Space Rover

1:30 am Tom and Jerry - Catty Corned/The Cat Who Hated People/Baby Puss/Pent-House Mouse/Fine Feathered Friend/Mouse In Manhattan/The Egg and Jerry

2:30 am Wacky Races - See Saw To Arkansas/Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist

3:00 am Perils of Penelope Pitstop - Jungle Jeopardy

3:30 am The Smurfs - The Astrosmurf

4:00 am The Smurfs - Jokey's Medicine/Vanity Fare

4:30 am The Jetsons - Rosie The Robot

5:00 am The Flintstones - The Flintstone Flyer

5:30 am The Pink Panther - The Pink Phink/Pink Pajamas/We Give Pink Stamps

6:00 am Captain Planet - A Hero To Earth

6:30 am Popeye - Fowl Play/Olive Oyl For President/Be Kind To Aminals/Assault and Flattery/The Mighty Navy/Fleets Of Strength/For Better Or Worser/We're On Our Way To Rio

7:30 am Tom and Jerry - Kitty Foiled/It's Greek To Me-Ow/The Vanishing Duck/Cannery Rodent/Surf-Borded Cat/Just Ducky/High Steaks/Little School Mouse

8:30 am Wacky Races - Why Oh Why Wyoming/Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock

9:00 am Perils of Penelope Pitstop - The Boardwalk Booby Trap

9:30 am The Smurfs - S.T Smurf and the Dragon

10:00 am The Smurfs - The Magical Meanie/Sorcerer Smurf

10:30 am The Funky Phantom - Don't Fool With a Phanom

11:00 am Goober & the Ghost Chasers - Assignment: The Ahab Apparition

11:30 am The Addams Family - Happyester Fester

12:00 pm The 13 Ghosts Of Scooby Doo - To All the Ghouls I've Loved Before

12:30 pm Whats New Scooby Doo - There's No Creature Like Snow Creature

1:00 pm The New Scooby Doo Movies - Ghastly Ghostly Town

2:00 pm The Munsters - Munster Masquerade

2:30 pm Scooby Doo Where Are You? - What A Knight for a Night

3:00 pm The Jetsons - A Date With Jet Screamer

3:30 pm The Jetsons - The Space Car

4:00 pm The Flintstones - Hot Lips Shinagain 

4:30 pm The Flintstones - The Swimming Pool

5:00 pm Tom and Jerry - The Zoot Cat/Filet Meow/Jerry's Dairy

5:30 pm Ben 10 - And Then Were 10

6:00 pm Ben 10 - Washington B.C.

6:30 pm Pokemon - Pokemon I Choose You

7:00 pm The Munsters - My Fair Munster

7:30 pm The Adams Family - Morticia and the Psychiatrist

8:00 pm Scooby Doo Where Are You - A Clue For Scooby Doo

8:30 pm Scooby Doo Where Are You - Hassle In The Castle 

9:00 pm Johnny Bravo - Super Duped/Bungled in the Jungle/Bearly Enough Time

9:30 pm Dexters Labatory - DeeDeemensional/Magmanamus/Maternal Combat

10:00 pm The Powerpuff Girls - Monkey See, Doggie Do/Mommy Fearest

10:30 pm The Powerpuff Girls - Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff

11:00 pm Teen Titans - Divide and Conquer

11:30 pm Teen Titans - Sisters 

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