Big Baby
Big Baby
Genre Animation
Format Animation
Created by N/A
Written by Steve Patrick
David Striepe
Creative director(s) Robert Marianetti
David Wachtenheim
Starring Steve Patrick
Doug Preis
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7 (List of Episodes of Big Baby) (List of Big Baby episodes)
Executive producer(s) Evan Adler
Steve Patrick
Running time 2 minutes per episode
Composer(s) N/A
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Original channel Cartoon Network
First shown June 1, 2008-2009
Original run June 1, 2008 – June 1, 2008
Status Ended
Big Baby is a cartoon short series that began airing on a Cartoon Network in June of 2008. It is part of the Wedgies cartoon series that came in between programs and only had 7 episodes.

Big Baby is classified as the second most popular cartoon series of the Wedgies, with Nacho Bear in first place.


Big Baby helps people out almost everyday despite the fact that he is a baby. Big Baby, doesn't exactly understand what he is doing most of the time though and speaks baby talk. In every episode, the characters in the series will act as if he is really an adult as in Airplane the stewardess put her faith in Big Baby and called him sir and in Racecar the Chief and his Helper used Big Baby as a reserved driver even though he is way too young to drive.


Big BabyEdit

Main Article: Big Baby

No Voice Actor

Big Baby is the main protagonist of the series. Big Baby is also the one who saves the day almost everyday. Big Baby's actions make him look like he knows what he is doing but he definitely does not and does it out of curiousity. Big Baby never talks English and just speaks baby talk, although in Rookie Cop it is revealed that some people understand what he is saying, as when he spoke through the megaphone at a wanted criminal, the criminal said, "Alright, I'm coming out!" But most of the time no one does understand him.


Main Article: Man

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

The Chief is the boss of Centerville's race car driver, Tex Mannan, and his Helper. The Chief is determined to win the race, and his hopes were still not let down when Tex Mannan's car crashed. In fact, he ordered a reserved driver when he didn't have anymore reserved drivers, so Big Baby entered the race.


Main Article Man

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Helper is Chief's helper at Centerville Raceways. His hopes are revealed to be able to be put down easily in his episode. He only had one line, "We don't have anymore reserved drivers, Chief."

Tex MannanEdit

Main Article: Tex Mannan

No Voice Actor

Tex Mannan is Centerville's racer who races at Centerville Raceways. In his episode, Race Car, he was racing against his "rivial," Nash Ridges. Tex Mannan is silent throughout the whole episode, so he is most likely a silent one.

Nash RidgesEdit

Main Article: Nash Ridges

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Nash Ridges is Tex Mannan's rival. Nash Ridges is also determined to win the race and nothing will stop him from achieving his goal. But, in his episode, he trips and falls on the pavement and Big Baby crosses the finish line. Nash Ridges is also pretty silent but he does make a growling noise throughout the episode.


Main Article: Rookie Cop

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Cop is an undercover police officer in the Centerville Police Department. He doesn't want to work with other people either, as when Big Baby was to be his rookie.

Head Police OfficerEdit

Main Article: Head Police Officer

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Head Police Officer is Cop's boss. The Head Police Officer was revealed to not care if his employee wanted a rookie or not, he just gave it to him.


Main Article: Criminal

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Criminal is a wanted criminal who was hiding in one of Centerville's towers. The Criminal wouldn't come out of the building until Big Baby babbled through the megaphone, signalling that he somehow can understand baby talk.


Main Article: Stewardess

Unknown Voice Actor

Stewardess is a stewardess who worked on the plane featured in Airplane. When she found out that the plane was going to crash, she asked Big Baby, whom she called "sir," if he could help. The Stewardess then put her trust him and called him a "proffesional," but she was a bit unsure.


Main Article: Assistant

Unknown Voice Actor

Assistant is a flight assistant in the episode Airplane. She was scared when the airplane was going to crash because the two pilots had passed out probably out of fear. She dispatched Airplane Worker.

Airplane WorkerEdit

Main Article: Airplane Worker

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Airplane Worker answered the dispatch sent by Assistant and also put his trust in Big Baby.

News ReporterEdit

Main Article: News Reporter

Unknown Voice Actor

News Reporter is a news reporter that reported on the airplane about ready to crash and Big Baby saved it from crashing.


Big Baby began airing in 2008 on Cartoon Network.

Big Baby also aired in the same year on Boomerang.

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