Bremen Avenue Experience character
Background information
First appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators David M. Strandquest
Voiced by Uncredited
Character information
Full name
Species Donkey
Other names
Occupation Keyboardist
Allies Jessica, Simon, Tanner, Pete Donnelly
Quote "I'm not wearing makeup!"

Barrett is a main character from The Bremen Avenue Experience of Cartoon Network Wedgies.

Character Overview Edit

Barrett is a blue donkey who is the keyboardist of the titular band in the series. One thing that sets him apart of the other members though is that never really tries to cause any interruptions willingly and it is implied several times in the shorts that he is the leader of the group (which may also imply he might be a founder of it) as he is always trying to direct and keep the group focused with whatever he tasks them with, but this sometimes gets the better of him. He often gets the worst outcomes throughout the series, as during his childhood he used to be the subject of a painful party game named "Pin the Tail on the Barrett" as shown in a flashback in the introduction short (which also bounced back to him in the present in same short) and had to witness the entire song sung by Simon, Jessica and Tanner about the United Kingdom which was absolutely not under his approval in "Barrett's Story".

He also seems to not be in very good terms with Simon as he is usually the first one to criticize Simon's actions and he openly mocks him and quarrels with him in "Simon's Story".

Personality Edit

Barrett is usually very serious, snarky, disgruntled and easily irritable. He's almost always frustrated due to the shenanigans and problems his friends may cause, but if all goes right for him, he's really nice, calm and supportive.

Appearance Edit

Barrett is a slender blue donkey who is the tallest member of the band with long blue hair, dark blue hooves, and what appears to be a goatee (or possibly a neck-beard or chest hair, as it doesn't move when he speaks). He typically wears a blue button-down shirt with a very dark blue tie and blue long pants.


Trivia Edit

  • Barrett is the only member of the band whose instrument does not have a color the same as his body (his keyboard is entirely black).