Barney Bear
Barney Bear

Genre Animation, Comedy
Rating TV-G
Running Time 6-10 minutes per episode
Series Run June 10, 1939 - July 31, 1954
Boomerang Run 2000-2008, 2012, 2013-present
Barney Bear was a theatrical cartoon series created by Rudolf Ising for MGM Studios in 1939. 

The series changed directors a lot. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera directed 1 episode, The Bear and the Bean.


The series follows an anthropomorphic bear named Barney. Barney is always trying to do something that gets ruined. The series also follows Buck Beaver and Benny Burro.


Barney BearEdit

Main Article: Barney Bear

Voiced by: Paul Frees

Barney Bear is the series' main protagonist. Barney is a bear who lives in a cabin-like cave (and sometimes in a cabin) in the woods. Barney is usually sleepy and a bit lazy, although he does work a lot sometimes as when he was trying to help Buck Beaver make his dam, but when he does work something ends up happening and the whole thing is ruined, as when he built the dam to big and caused the area around the river to flood. Barney enjoys gardening too (revealed in Barney's Victory Garden). Barney travels sometimes and went to a desert with his donkey friend, Benny Burro.

Benny BurroEdit

Main Article: Benny Burro

Voiced by: Paul Frees

Benny Burro is Barney's donkey friend that went with Barney when he traveled to the desert. Benny is generally silent.

Buck BeaverEdit

Main Article: Buck Beaver

Voiced by: Paul Frees

Buck Beaver is a beaver who appears frequently throughout the series. Buck Beaver is always at work, and he tries his best to make it right. Buck is generally silent like Benny too. Buck lives in the same woods that Barney lives in, but he does not like Barney very well because Barney always ruins his dams and other creations.


Barney Bear was released theatrically on June 10, 1939.

Barney Bear aired on Cartoon Network in the Acme Hour program block on 1997 and stopped airing in 2003.

Barney Bear began airing on Boomerang in 2000 and stopped about 2006. The show came back in 2008 and stopped airing in that same year. The series came back again in 2013 and is still airing to this day.

Barney Bear is an original series on Boomerang

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