Alligator Liberation
Alligator Liberation
Show Cartoon Network Shorties
Written by Bee Murphy
Creative director(s) Jonas Dahlbeck
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Running time 1 min.
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Episode Chronology
Previous Sound Hound
Next City E-Scape

Alligator Liberation is an episode of Cartoon Network Shorties.

Plot Summary Edit

The short starts off with a group of people protesting to release Wally Gator out of the zoo he resides at. Wally Gator is then taken away by the people and then they arrive at a swamp named "Bayou Pop" where they want Wally to live at. Two alligators who live at the swamp introduce themselves to Wally and their environment, but Wally does not approve any of it. One of the people explains to Wally that he'll love his new life in the swamp, but this instead makes him remember how good his old life was, which also interests the two other alligators. (the following scene shows them holding imaginary glasses of champagne and clinking) However, the alligators apparently trick the people into thinking they're leaving to another part of the swamp with their vehicle, but the alligators actually arrive to the zoo with Wally, all enjoying captivity there and holding glasses of champagne.

The short ends with a small specimen at the swamp shouting at the people to eat him.

Trivia Edit

  • This short has a very distinctive animation style as the humans, other animals and most of the locations are 2D, but Wally, the two unnamed alligators, and the bugs are in CGI.
  • This was the most commonly aired short out of all of the shorts apart of Cartoon Network Shorties to be aired on Boomerang.
  • It is shown that Wally doesn't like bugs when one of the unnamed alligators offer him some.
  • It is also unknown how the people fell for the alligators' trick of leaving to another part of the swamp, when in reality, they (along with Wally) were going to the zoo.
  • The unknown specimen shouts "Eat me!" repeatedly which may possibly be a running gag for the short.