Calling Cat-22 - The Chief's Assistant
Agent Andrew
Calling Cat-22 character
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Species Cat
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Occupation Secret Agent
Allies Cat-22, Gato Primo

Agent Andrew is one of the main characters of the Calling Cat-22 series of Wedgies, appearing in all five episodes. He is a short, stout black cat (probably a British Shorthair) with rather a poncy English accent; he seems at times to be slightly more aware than Gato Primo of Cat-22's detestation of his job, though at other times he seems to share Gato's delusion that 22 is eager to get "back into the field."

He appears at the beginning of each episode to present 22 with an attaché-case containing mission instructions from Gato Primo. Thereafter, he helps to monitor 22's mission progress, and, generally at Gato's instruction, orders 22's retrieval when things begin to go wrong. He generally reappears at the end of the episode to reassure 22 that he will soon be back on assignment.

Agent Andrew's name appears on model sheets for the series, but he is only called by it In the third episode of the series, "Flying Discs."